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  1. What's everyone's position on the following scenario? It's something that comes up often enough and really has me lost as to what's the most profitable strategy.You're 3 places from the dealer at a full limit HE table. 2 people have limped early, the next two fold, and it's up to you. Your hand is JQs. Is it profitable to bring this in for a raise, or should you limp? I think that raising is a good play. I like the potential for becoming the effective button and the fact that you'll probably end up with 3-4 opponents in the hand, which is a nice situation for a drawing hand. As well, at a pas
  2. I was at the Madison, as well. Daniel really was impressive--quite a showman and, of course, very nice.I talked to him briefly in the bathroom. Of all the times I could speak to him and maybe shake his hand, we're in the one room where that would be totally gross. Oh well.On a side note, highlights of the night include DNs phone ringing while he was giving a speech (no ringtone; i figured he'd have a ringtone), and having a TV camera zoom in on my table while I'm busted (Hi Mom; watch CP24 tonight and see how much I suck!)Anyway, if/when you read this, thanks again for coming to Toronto, Dan.
  3. A tough one, because we're comparing competing and watching, but I'd still have to take World Cup Finals.Especially if Holland will stop being headcases and show they're the greatest soccer nation.
  4. Top three:88J 9 4 7 No idea why. they look good, i guess.
  5. This is a little absurd, but I just thought I'd check.Did anyone else glance at the title of the thread and think that it was going to be about Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D)? Should I be admitting that I did?
  6. The Streets albums are amazing. In January I listened to "A grand don't come for free" exclusively. A good month.
  7. Hehehehehe, true. they do. Well, Ween certainly isn't for everyone. At least we're in agreement about TCQ...
  8. Excellent call with Tribe. I own every album.Other than that, I'll listen to just about anything:right now it's AC Newman, the Arcade Fire, and WEEN--the greatest band of any kind, ever.
  9. Not sure why, but I hate J2 so much that I'm becoming personally offended when I get it. Especially online when I see the Jack first and think, "Maybe..." and then get slapped with an offsuit deuce. Lame; very lame.
  10. Thanks to all tonight for making my first time on Stars a nice one. It was really odd to see all the names of the regulars at my table. It was a little intimidating, to be honest, and with the differences in format (i play mostly Party) I don't feel I showed my best. Fortunately, there's next time, and I can't wait.See you all soon.
  11. I'm nienween as soon as my deposit clears.How will i be able to find the FCP table? do i need a password or anything?Thanks
  12. I'm nienween on Party and on Stars.I play .50/1, 25/NL, and Sit n Gos
  13. What's your name on Party Poker?Thanks in advance.
  14. "A true friend stabs you in the front." --Oscar Wilde
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