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  1. I agree Joe Rogan is an awesome announcer for UFC. He was even funny on Talk Radio. But that skit wasn't that good. Of course a bunch of groupies are going to say that they would F**K him; and the chic that tried to take him on was stupid cause the comdian is always going to come out on top. Joe Rogan and UFC= AwesomeJoe Rogan as a Stand Up Comic= SO/SO
  2. The casino is usually 5 to 7 times the big blind.... 5/5 no limit around $30 to 35. 5/10 NL $60 to $70 and so on. Online well you know 3 to 4.
  3. wow a site with half my favourite PORN stars... Oh gauge oh gauge. I've already played games with half these girls. Its called freeones.com
  4. The hand is Dead. He threw his cards in "face down", who cares if it didn't touch the muck it touched the board face down. That's certainly further then the hand has to travel to be dead. More over another player flip the cards up right. Please, this hand should be so dead. I know all the casinos I play in would declare this hand dead.
  5. I don't play regularly at Perry, because every time I go there is a 3 hour wait......a 3 hour wait. So mainly I just drink and wait.
  6. I was at my golf club the other night having dinner and saw an "Ontario Golf" Magazine with Daniel on the cover; opened it up, and read a great article on Kid Poker himself. If you can get your hands on the magazine it was a neat little piece. Daniel even mentions Ivey, his own golf game and betting on the course. It sounds like Daniel is playing for a little more money on the links now than when the article was written.If you like golf and poker its a good read. He talks about both.
  7. Here's my advice: $6000 dollars is nothing over the scheme of life. To file bankruptcy again is a ridiculous solution. You dug yourself into a small hole, so now its time to bust your balls and get out. I suggest getting a second job for a short time and paying the card(s) off.
  8. Just picked up a 2005 Nissan 350Z Anniversary edition so my 2001 Honda Prelude SE is for sale. PM me if interested. Its fully loaded in Blue.
  9. Daniel didn't see "the eye of the tiger" in those two qualifiers. So they got the walk......
  10. I always get an e-mail saying "pending"; followed instantly by an e-mail saying approved. I play on Party.
  11. I don't understand everyone getting pissy about posting certain subjects in general that have their own section. First off, most people only read general, so if you post it in the "right" area no one will ever see it; second, as far as I'm concerned it's the general poker section that means anything about poker goes.
  12. I loved Seattle. I had $200 on them between the spread and the moneyline. The refs F**ked that game up; calling back one touchdown, and calling holding on what was going to be the ball on the 2 yard line for first and goal. And on and on and on. Oh well thats how sports betting goes. Lucky we have poker.
  13. YES poker is gambling. However, many people say the "luck" factor is what makes it gambling. This just isn't the case. It's the MONEY and WAGERING factor that makes it gambling. If I'm playing golf and my ball goes into the woods and hits a tree and pops back into the fairway... that's a "lucky" break. If I take a jump shot and the ball bounces in and out that's a unlucky break. Obviously both forms of luck; but neither case gambling. Unless there is money on the line.
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