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  1. jayweb...dont ever....EVER!...change that avatar.
  2. By Steve Slater LONDON (Reuters) - Monday's flotation of online casino PartyGaming has made more than $1 billion for a former U.S. pornography entrepreneur, her lawyer husband and two Indian technology graduates. The four brains behind the world's biggest online poker operator, which was founded just eight years ago, will cash in shares worth about $1.4 billion in total in the initial public offering, and keep stakes worth over $6 billion at current valuations. For details of the IPO click on . But the windfall does not come without risk. PartyGaming's listing prospectus said its directors ris
  3. just an FYI for anyone who cares.(if it hasn't already been posted...if so I apologise)they floated on the London Stock Exchange I believe the company was valued at 6 billion....not bad.on a side note I won 25 bucks at Party last night. :-) KK
  4. If you created an image in PSD, and import it into AI, it will still appear pixelated.You need to actually re-create the file in order to have it appear clean at any size.RT is right...there is one thing to consider though...if you created your logo as a PSD you can copy across any text that is not yet rasterized so you don't have to recreate, resize, or layout that part of your logo....it may save you a bit of time in the vector creation process.have a good oneKK
  5. He has already won a bracelet in limit and has a huge stack in the current NL event....what's his story?KK
  6. disclaimer*** This is not complaining about bad beats or suck outs etc. OKI have played two 10 person tourney's over the last couple weeks finishing 3rd and 6th with a crew of guys that quite honestly play so poorly I am at a loss on how to play against them. These guys have played poker before, but are so new to the game of holdem that they don't even know simple things like the betting rules of NL hold'em. I am having some serious difficulty finding a strategy that works against these players. I am looking for anyone experienced in playing against a table full of the following characteristic
  7. Thanks everyone...thanks to the beauty of the internet I just ordered some from Copags home page.take care,KK
  8. Second Question....where is the best place to get them...p.s. I live in Canada.thanks
  9. I am looking for some cards for home games that don't bend outta shape after one night of people looking at thier hole cards.any suggestions on brands and what type within those brands???thanks,KKp.s. I know this has been discussed before, but I can't find...so a posted link to the threads would be good too.
  10. This is what the ESPN Execs should do.1. Have the event scheduled so the Main Event falls in a slow time slot2. Broadcast the event live in that traditionally slow time slot3. Produce the sh!t out of it4. Rebroadcast the event for the masses with all the production bells and whistles5. Add cheerleaders called the "Railbirds"6. Get John Madden to be a colour guy so he can yell "BOOM" when someone busts7. ESPN can count thier money.JMOKK
  11. Here is a thumbnail of one I don't think I got in under the deadline.the hosting site converted this to a thumbnail and butchered the colour....it's not supposed to be AQUA!!!
  12. The Asian, Europen and other non U.S. markets combined make up more than 90% of the Igaming industry(all online wagering) the US could pass a law that closes the door and that wouldn't come close to crippling the industry...might slow it down like a bug on a windshield...but that's about it.Of course they can slow down or stop growth in the US markets which there is a great deal of potential ie the sports betting market which currently is closed due to the Wire Act....the US has no say in this matter when it comes to other jurisdictions participation.To the OPif you are looking to invest in pu
  13. I like it.GO LEAFS GO!!!...I mean GOLF LEAFS GOLF!
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