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  1. I figured some of you would say the things you would. More specifically, the severe overbet with the 10s. But another person said that I was a 70% - 30% favorite, and that I want that call everytime. I would tend to agree with this. Which is why I did what I did. I WANTED HIM TO CALL. He's a player who likes to gamble with hands that most would consider to be sub-par.I also appreciate everything that everyone has said. I'd like to think that I'm a decent player, and I enjoy learning more about the game. I like what people have said about not getting it all-in preflop. Because, I love taking fl
  2. I play a very low stakes home game ranging from a $10 to $20 buy-in. In the $10 game the blinds are $.10 - $.20 and in the $20 game the blinds are $.25 - $.50.Recently, I've been trying to build a bankroll, and really climb up the ladder in terms of stakes. I want to lose, in some instances, because I think losing can be a good lesson in poker. But lately, I've found myself losing in ways that are very undesirable. It seems that I've been getting outdrawn quite a bit lately. And while, in most cases, I wouldn't make a post out of this, I find that it's affecting other parts of my game. And I c
  3. Far different scenario this time...So after my home game, my roommate and I decide we're going to be off the wall and go to this Indian casino at 2 in the morning (I'm only 19 and can't frequent Commerce).We get there, and sit at the $2/$5 NL table, where the max buy-in was $300, and we both bought in.I was on the button when I picked up A -8 . Everyone folded to me, and I limped in. SB called, and my roommate (BB) checked. Flop comes...4 -5 -A "What luck," I thought. I had flopped top pair, the nut flush draw, and a chance to back door a small straight.I bet $15, and first position rais
  4. So...Tonight I was in a cash game style poker game with six friends. The max buy-in was $10.00 and the blinds were idle at .10/.20. I went up to $22.50 (the big stack at the table), when I got involved in "the pot of the evening." I was on the button when I picked up A -K . First position made it $1.00 to go, second position called, third position called, and fourth position folded over to me. I looked down at my hand, and said..."I guess I'm all-in."Third position folded out of turn, and the SB and BB followed. First position folded reluctantly, which put it on second position to call. He's
  5. Tonight I actually planned a $10 game with the blinds at .10/.20, and everyone is kind of raising an eyebrow. They just don't get it. They don't care about percentages of stacks or what have you. They just care about a big pot. Hopefully all goes well.
  6. I play in a lot of cash-game style poker games with the same group of friends. But it's not structured very well. Everyone buys in for $10, and the blinds stay at $0.25 and $0.50. So anytime you're calling the big blind, you're committing 5% of your stack, not to mention the fact that someone always raises. I don't really know if there's anyway of convincing them that this is not a very strong poker game structure, because they're all so used to just re-buying and going out and re-buying etc. Any help?
  7. I don't know if Josh reads this thread anymore, but in case he does...I thought you were a major *******. Hands down. I mean, the worst of the worst. But now I see that because of my harsh judgement prior to meeting you, that I am, in fact, the biggest *******. Your apology was really refreshing to read, and even if you didn't apologize, no one has the right to judge you without meeting you in full first. Despite what I used to think about you, I could never deny your playing. I think third place out of 2,600 (?) people should say something. I know that when you get to your skill level, thoug
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