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  1. dont mind him, his parents are lawyersive had this argument with them. they dont understand. :roll:
  2. this argument is redundant. according to the dictionary definition of gambling, poker falls into this category. however, for the definition is woefully inadequate with regard to the larger question you are asking (i.e. you are asking this question with all the negative connotations western society has placed on 'gambling' in mind).
  3. equity is not linear in the sense you guys are arguing it is. you cant apply the law of averages to a tournament structure.
  4. very few tourneys online could be considered higher stakes. the 500$s might be, but even then the proliferation of satellite entries make for donkfests at almost every buyin level.
  5. nice run. jordan, ill take the other 3k of that action :)EDIT: ill take it even if he only has to FT once in three tries.
  6. i have no idea how to play a rebuy.but i don't it is proper strategy to go all-in EVERY hand, then double rebuy on top of that.actually, the only thing i think is improper is the first part. the latter seems fine, given the former.it is if you can expect to final table a high percentage of the time you get a monster stack. jonnybax can be quite confident in this regard.
  7. anyone criticizing jonny has no idea how to play a rebuy.
  8. in the early nineties when the charity games ran in toronto, there were a bunch of really good limit players around the area.
  9. i make more per month in rakeback than i would working 40 hour weeks at minimum wage. and i definitely am not putting in 40 hrs/week.
  10. 30k hands of breakeven play at 5-10 shorthanded. now thats demoralizing. btw, my winrate after around 100k hands is 2.5bb/100, including the 30k stretch. variance is a bltch.
  11. detailed instructions: in the auto import from party window (the one you open to import hands you have played) there is a tab that says observed hands. click on that, enable import of observed hands, and presto! you're importing observed HHs.
  12. I play No limit here in Vegas usually a 2/5 game at bellagio, MGM or Mandaly bay.One main reason these games are so good is because in these types of games with the relatively small buy-ins people don't know how to control themselves.You can not really "bluff" in these games. Example.All the tourists come into town to play. Yippee says all us locals :)They watch too much WSOP or WPT and think they can bluff there way too a big pay day. Little do they know that most locals that play and obviously the experience tourists will play premium hands and you cant bluff them off a pot.I see it everyday
  13. the move up guys provide anecdotal evidence, and the 'your friend is an idiot' provide objective reasoning. you be the judge.
  14. PT is 100% legal, and you are literally throwing away money not to have it.
  15. HAHA Nice try this was covered in the previous pages... ohhhh, well if rude dog said so...
  16. I guess this is what I don't understand.Can't you read or did you fail that in school?I seem to only care about limit and no limt.If you play holdem, then why do you play limit or no limit? Pros and cons.Why is such a simple question so difficult for you to understand?Please answer that.Not sure what you edited in this post, but anyways, You ask such a generic question in the general forum you're going to get general type replies.Have you even thought about cash games vs tournaments? heads up vs full rings??do you see where i'm going with this. Tell you what, you seem to really care abotu th
  17. how can someone be weak-tight and overplaying at the same time? do you even understand these terms, or did you see someone else use them and decide it would look cool if you threw them in there?
  18. how did you idiots manage to go on for 2 pages about this? 45s is obviously a superior hand as it adds up to 9 and 9 is a magic number, being 1 short of 10, the tetrad. What does AK add up to? THATS RIGHT: NOTHING. its not even a hand comprised of numbers, and therefore cannot be added, thus reducing its value exponentially by a factor of 3 brazillian. I highly suggest everyone begin capping 45s on every street, particularily in partypoker 5-10 and 10-20 6max games. thats party. 10-20. 6 max.Also, smash, quit making up words like 'implied' an 'unimproved'. we all see through your silly verbal
  19. you dont fully understand pot odds. you cant just say 'pot odds' and call a river bet. you need to estimate the frequency with which your opponents will checkraise worse hands then yours, and compare that to the odds being laid. for example, if the pot is 10 bets, and you must call 1 bet to see the showdown, you would need to estimate your chances of winning at better than 10-1 against in order to make this call profitable.
  20. what is the point of this thread? to show that you won a $1600 pot? w2g, prostar.
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