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  1. awesome, congrats to grindermj!
  2. ~6 years too late with this thread
  3. loooooooooooool JKo against a big pair is like 30% at best! Why would you love to get it in as such an underdog and lol at the 2Jo comment, suited maybe, but J2o is like one of the least playable hands in poker, it sucks!
  4. found that part interesting. anytime you go through clearance at an airport they often ask u somewhat trivial questions, funny how much nervous u can get answering those trivial questions when u actually have something to hide!taking the money seems like a joke to me. I guess "the law is the law" is the easiest refutation of that, but come on, taking 26k off some kids because they lied because they were afraid of missing their flight? sounds ridiculous to me.
  5. copernicus is an interesting one, I remember I used post a lot in the tourney strat so I would obviously read a lot of his posts (he pretty much replied in every single thread). I have to be honest, I personally thought his analysis was a little overrated and he posted with a bit of arrogance/dismissal. I did learn some things from his posts alright, but I would not have been his biggest fan. fwiw I always enjoyed reading ur posts. First bit of advice I get was a PM about SNGs off you, that was nearly 6 years ago now!
  6. lot of names there that ring a bell, pity they don't post any more
  7. I remember in the thread he was asking for suggestions of what to change it to, someone recommended 'fornicator2', I thought that was pretty funny
  8. lol bump, how silly I was 4 years ago. So Daniel, are u actually going to Ireland this year?
  9. black friday, Full tilt, divorce etc. That's the gist, I'm sure someone else could explain in much more detail.I think that was said more in jest though. He has $15mil in debt according to his divorce proceedings, but I think (again, could be wrong, there's so much about black friday/ivey/scandal/poker going down the tube etc that I've just started glancing over stories now) that means more that he owes $15m, it's not that he has -$15m in his bank account. I assume if he wanted to play this event, he could (but he might not due to boycotting WSOP etc).Again, take all this with a pinch of salt,
  10. just reading an article there, and yeah it is Mandarin that Trickett is learning. Cantonese is mainly spoken in Macau (and Portuguese funnily enough I think!) but as ye've already mentioned, the players would not be Macau natives and therefore speak Mandarin.
  11. ya that's what I was saying, is it just a case of these players putting like 15% of their net worth into the tournament because even if the lose it, it's not a big deal?
  12. out of interest, any idea if Chan speaks Mandarin? I know Sam Trickett has begun taking lessons to learn so he can take part in the 'banter' and hopefully become a bit more accepted and be a regular on the invite list.I'd say Hellmuth is a favourite to play this. I'd imagine he can afford a million dollar buy-in and with the publicity etc. involved I'd be shocked if he didn't play.
  13. is it easy to fix this? or would it require a full software overhaul etc.?
  14. really interesting list. Anybody on the list who makes/has made most of their money from playing poker can't really be properly rolled for this.Do most of these players (btw I consider the following 'poker players' since the rest are millionaire/billionaires from outside poker; Antonius, Hansen, Negreanu, Chan, Dwan, Tony G, Duhamel, Elky) have enough business ventures outside of poker that they are either pretty secure for life and/or have made multiples of what they've made playing poker through business/real estate/venture capitalism etc.?I know Chan and Tony G have plenty of business inter
  15. Gary Speed, English and Welsh football legend
  16. **** it, I thought this was funny enough
  17. I saw "No Country for Old Men" for the first time recently. It was good
  18. for **** sake I still can't beat this mother****ing game. I'm 3/80 on the wife level, the rest are decent enough but I can't get consistency to beat the wife level. Also this 3/80 doesn't include the amount of time the game has been reset due to clearing cookies etc. pretty sure I've passed 200 hours playing this game, maybe 300
  19. sick run, congrats!! Be careful in the airport, (I know this probably goes for most places but) two seperate friends of mine arrived in prague and got pick-pocketed/robbed in the airport so just watch out.
  20. ya he's actually a really smart and articulate guy when he wants to be. Much prefer it like that than when he is playing it up for the cameras with his catchphrases. really entertaining table. I think it's worth the trade off despite affecting the game hugely. So long as everyone has equal information, there's nothing wrong with it imo. When poker was first shown on TV, the same things could be said about it being unfair/wrong/unethical for people to see how others played, but soon that became the norm and a non-issue. It definitely adds a different dynamic, but I still think the live coverage
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