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  1. I like the way how everyone just Folds QQ.....just not realstic..... It does look like AK.. could be JJ, also... But thats the issues we run into with a decent hand and flat calling...
  2. I like the way how everyone just Folds QQ.....just not realstic..... It does look like AK.. could be JJ, also... But thats the issues we run into with a decent hand and flat calling... Check it out.. If u had reraised preflop with your BIg Pair most likely JJ wouldn;t have called and if the big blind prob would have just called or pushed but you'll know after a raise and reraise and then all In you can lay it down
  3. He played it right... looked like a flop for 10,10 or JJ and is protecting hi hand.
  4. could be anything from 22-AA and, AK, AQ don;t forget Vilian is watching Hero call and Fold or raise and Fold quite a bit... He could have anything
  5. http://www.amazon.com/No-Limit-Hold-Theory...e/dp/188068537X
  6. hence the only two hands that worry us is AQ, and JJ
  7. I'm sorry I'm not buying that with UTG trying to push the table around granted UTG is supposed to have a decent hand but if u notice the size of the raise. Looks its design to have the mid stacks go away and take it down with out a fight.. If he was trying to make money the raise would have been smaller... Looks like a small to medium pair at best where we'll still be in a decent coin flip...I happen to love my suited connectors..... call me hyper aggressive if u want. but i make much more money with them than any other hand..if we win this hand, We have a decent shot at top three not mer
  8. I'm sorry but i'm have to disaggree with the majorority and say.. push/call with your M as low as it is compared with the other stacks.. Even if you know you're up against a big Pair QJ suited stands a very good chance of cracking the Big pair.. if you fold here.. You'll be bobbing and weaving either way and you'll leak more chips in the long run.. as they will call you with pretty much anything.at best case.. you hope u have two live cards and against no pairs.. which you'll win approx 40%ish to 45% of the timeand you'll win 20% against a Big pair and 47% against a lower pair... therefor
  9. well said.....I'll hold off of this one and wait... At these stages.. I like to Limp with Mid pairs espacilly up front..... and take call a small rasie.....they someone gets out of hand like this guy... you'll only lost a small amount..
  10. u don;t have much ammo to play with and they'll call u either way post flop.....odds are over whelming........even if i missed the flop I'd still call uWith a big chip stack not every hands are under doggs
  11. You're lucky..... playing it weak and still out drawing on the river... you wouldn't feel happy sucked out on u on the river.
  12. Easy All... like they said Chip up or go home...Have u been making alot of lay downs??
  13. I would have had to see it.. depends on BB tells if any ..can;t blame BB for folding... either way you have to give UTG respect for raising up front... BB could have guess at worse UTG had AK which he didn't want to be in a coin flip..People don't much thought to position which is a big mistake at times...
  14. All depends on your read on villian like was said.. If you notice a trend of him coming from Steal Position or Button each time he's in one of them u might want to teach him a lesson.. U only need to do it once... If he's a tricky player post flop a reraise push u keep him in line... NOTE (kinda risky is someone limped from early to middle position..)Bottom line is Paying attention as much as possible and He'll stick out like a sore thumb when he's being out of line.being out of position gives the very distinct advantage of bluffing first.... espcailly with a ragged flop... again you have to
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