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  1. My reasoning is I want players to make mistakes. Can my cap do this? That's what I want to know. When the pot is this big, yes I want AT to fold. I also want KJ and KQ to fold. Heck, it would be nice if I could get 66 to fold.I'm not saying that this is the correct play. That's why I ask. I'm not super happy with a lot of the cards that come on the turn. I could be ahead now. If BB has either AT or KQ/J here(which I think are at least possible), they are in the right to call my CAP. If they fold, I have made the BB make a mistake. I'm representing a set so they may decide to dump e
  2. Without a post flop read, I think play is fine. UTG+2 looks to be making a strong play but could be trying to knock you off a AK/AQ type hand (check reraise earns a lot of fold equity).I think the BB play is very interesting. He calls a reraise in BB, raises flop then calls and then DONKs the turn. I think a optomistic KJs(makes more sense) or KQs(would not be given the two of you too much respect on flop action but it is possible) could be played in this manner. Pocket QQs may not cap so that is also a possibility. 87? Numbers don't look like it but some peeps get pretty funny in the bl
  3. Not many hands on him but if we are assuming he is passive then you played it great as he wouldn't bet turn unless he liked his hand IMO. This is a great board for you to get a lot of bets versus a passive player who likes his hand. This may be one of the few boards a passive player may 3 bet so you can cap. I'll pray he doesn't have 77 and get as much value as possible here.If he has a hand like a bad straight, he may get spooked if you stick around and a J comes off and you raise the river. He may even slow down with 99 if another OC hits. I think you have the best chance to get the most
  4. This is tough with an unknown player. My experience tells me you are quite beat here. I cannot see opponent having less than tp here in most situations. I think OCs easily can donk/call and donk turn when hitting the J. If you believe he can have rag 2 pair here(poor pf call in SB) then you need to also include some straight draws in his range(increasing the need for a showdown).So I can see this as a turn fold or a calldown. What you cannot do is call the turn and fold the river. I think, I save my 2 BBs in this situation and let someone else prove he is a donk. Then you can profit from
  5. With no reads besides his VPIP and PFR, I think, I bet/call turn here.If you know is post flop tendencies, you should be betting passive players as a raise should mean you are in trouble and you can call for the double gut and fold R UI.If against aggressive player you should be checking with intention of seeing a showdown. His range is pretty wide and can easily be semi bluffing and bluffing a busted draw on the end.If not a blind steal situation, UI river should be an easy fold but, with this wide a stealing range, a cheap showdown is best versus a aggro post flop player.Been long time sinc
  6. Do not flat call the turn. You are most often still ahead in this hand you need to ensure you charge the SB to draw to a flush.For the river........?... Without reads it is tough. The BB would have to have a good read on you to check the river if he had you beat. The small blind, if having the flush may try to check raise the river or may be content with a a cheap showdown(if having a low flush).Without reads, I think I bet/fold since I did not get the 3 bet in on turn and may be able to get a weak flush to fold(this may be a pipe dream). I think if I had 3 bet the turn, I would definitel
  7. I see KQ-KT here most often. On not too draw heavy a board given the action, he may well have just wanted to see what you did as the aggressor on the flop. The K coming, helps him and confuses you. Having said that. If we take Koop's logic into account(very valid line for villain), I think we are at approx. a dead heat(Little more to the behind stat if you do not think he would cap QQ pre. I think slim to none in a but vs blind hand. In any case, the pot says to call if you feel on the fence with this one). That would tell me your line is fine. This is only without a read. If buttons
  8. You will be lucky to ever find more than 2 tables at UB for limits .25/.5 through 1/2. This may not be true on the weekend. The talent is more aggro than what I find at Pokerstars or Poker Room or Absolute for these levels. Plenty of bad play but variance may be higher. I need to work some bonus off that I have over there and I am dreading it. I think you would be much happier staying with AP but if you plan on playing some tournies.... give it a try.
  9. I like the c/r on flop. I think his numbers will bring the flop bet since he is so passive preflop in most cases. He's attached.I think it is reasonable to c/c down here as likely you are facing JJ+. I think this player would not slow with the QQ, He's attached to his hand.But his stats say to me he is a donk so you need to consider AK(flush possible then too) or even TT,99 or AQ.If he's peeved at his two pair being knocked out, he could be even more stubborn with a lesser hand. If player not such a donk maybe a TPP, where do we find a fold..... or do we?
  10. I second you need to be confident(with proof) you are a winning player before you start multi tabling. I'd like tho think I am a winning player up to .25/.5 at single tabling. My last batch of 10K hands, I was not and I put at least in part that it is because I attempted to multi table. My win rate suffered to the point where I was a loser for that bunch of hands(again not just multi tabling, also some tilt and some implementation of new concepts that I probably do not have down well yet.)My bankroll is enough to support me at .5/1 but I thought I wanted to ensure that I could continue to b
  11. No not II limped with limpers with QJQxx(2diamonds)bet 3/4 pot called by villainQxxQ on turn(2 diamonds)Here I should have just pushed but bet about 60% pot instead.Diamond came on river, of course villain pushes and I gave myself 4-1 to make call here.Retro, should have pushed turn, although that may not have changed outcome of this hand(lots of chasing)and I thought I had a lot hands I'm ahead of here that I didn't want to scare away but c'est la vie.Your hand, no way I'm checking that turn.Acid, I don't think I would have slowed up on turn against you in your hand.
  12. Wish I could say I was still in for the team. My trips got beat by a river flush. I'm sorry I could not pull through for ya Jeet, thank you for the opportunity. I think Waffles will pull through for ya.
  13. Sorry team. trips got sucked out to a river flush. Thanks Jeet for the opportunity. I am super peeved.
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