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  1. We've done an initial review herePokerVT Review
  2. I stayed at the main menu to see if Daniel would moon me or something for taking so long. He didn't.
  3. Things are really looking great, hoping to review the site soon!
  4. Bonus is not the greatest, but play Doyle's just to get the free bounty entry.
  5. You get 2000 chips. Starts off 20/40, unless I fell asleep the 1st 5mins.
  6. thx, signed up under you.
  7. Think of how much poker you get to play now.
  8. I'd go with Riverbelle. Can clear the bonus at that limit. 50% max $100. 7xrh.
  9. Sure its real, but why would you do partystakers when you could do instantbankroll and get MORE money?
  10. If I remember correctly it was 10 ub pts = $1.
  11. Do you want to sell it then to me?
  12. Where did you buy it from? Amazon.ca has a rediculous 2 month lead time. Did you just order it from .com? thx
  13. Yup I'm in the same boat. Not the first time teaming up with ESPN has screwed over something good.
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