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  1. Gibler!!!!!!!!!!!!Host a South Florida party!
  2. It's ironic that Vicky is questioning what Gibler is doing. I'm not too familiar with her results, but am I off base in saying that Gibler is probably twice the player than she is?
  3. First time I've heard Coren speak. Chick sounds bat-isht crazy.
  4. Holy crap. I'm really late to the party with this one.GIBLER IS MY IDOL! GOOD LUCK SIR!
  5. Is that Ship It who is chip leader in the Warm up?
  6. Why can't you? Time constraints? I'd attempt to make a run at it if I were you.
  7. I just recently started 12 tabling 50NL on a regular basis and usually earn ~120 VPPs an hour or more depending on when I'm playing. Supernova seems like it could be pretty achievable for me next year should I stick with it and provided i'm break even or better. I'm really not sure how the VPP rate is in .25/.50 limit but it's obviously lower.
  8. In the Warm-up and Million. Spent too much money on sattelites this week but oh well.
  9. Apparently Manny Pacquiao is a helluva poker player too.
  10. I believe NVG is the News, Views, and Gossip forum on 2+2. Can't help you with the other questions.
  11. Playing my standard $5-$20 MTTs on Stars. Hopefully win you some monies on FTP World Record. All assuming the server doesn't crash.GL
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