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  1. GREEN AT ALL LVLS @ UB PLO!!!PLO600: +508.50PLO400: +1221.80PLO200: +864.80PLO100: +272.65PLO50: +115.95PLO25: +4.88PLO2: +.23Total: +2999.86, 17.79ptbb/100True Win Rate: 17.73 hrs. | MT Ratio: 2.60. | $169.17/hour
  2. another good session: +350 over .86 hours. I also brought up my 50 and 25PLO #s a bit so I'm feeling slightly less like a donk
  3. lol im just happy being lucky, just thought the #s were funny
  4. Here are my #s @ UB since I bought poker tracker omaha last week. There aren't many plo tables at UB so I usually end up playing 6-9 tables of whatever is open.600plo: +508400plo: +920200plo: +864100plo: +31450plo: -11725plo: -29am I a donk on a heater or do I just not respect 50plo and below?
  5. at the micros a weak tight strat is pretty effective, so that makes sense (wait for them to give you their money)you can go nuts on people and call down light and bluff shove and your nonshowdown winnings will go way up, but it's likely your total winnings will go way downimo it really comes down to getting a ton of experience and knowing when you can call down light or bluff profitably
  6. should hooked up with her and then found yourself really busy when it came to putting her in the event
  7. if it's ftp and you have rakeback you're losing something like 7.5ptb/100, if it's stars it's 5ptbb/100 in rake
  8. Earlier this month I went on a heater, got up 2k, and then ended up playing really crap until I was -930 for the month. I'm now something like +600 for the month, which I guess is a good comeback.Goals for rest of month:- Get to 1.5k total + for the month- Get Player status on UBI had goals of a 15k VPP September with many thousands +, but dropping nearly 3k in one day has made me humble.
  9. +$432 over 5 hours. Played well for the first 2 and piss poor the last 3. Despite winning I'm pretty disappointed in myself.---It sucks to see you moving down bull. Granted it's only over a 5k sample but I don't think I've seen a probability curve that bad.
  10. i put 1k hands in today and didn't feel any pain but if there is a thing going around plz let me know
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