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  1. Epic bump sir!BOOM! BINK! BRACELET!
  2. He won her heart by drawing her a picture of a spider.
  3. If you sign up and deposit before July 30th, you get a first deposit bonus of a tinfoil hat.
  4. It would probably be a good start to take your thumbs out of your ears when someone gives you some good poker advice. Unfortunately, since you haven't taken them out yet, my advice will probably ––excuse the pun–– fall on deaf ears.
  5. If a given game has so much variance that it puts you out of your comfort zone or puts you at serious risk of going on tilt from the myriad of bad beats and draw-outs, then there is nothing wrong with not going back.That being said, it sounds like a pretty sweet game to profit in. Just play solid, don't tilt, and focus on getting your money in as the favourite. Remember that if you are able to get AA all in PF against (for example) 4 other hands, then you are a favourite to win that pot. Keep in mind, though, that simply means that you will win the pot more than your expected win rate of 20%
  6. This post deserves a bump, given the circumstances
  7. Man, I so wish I was there right now.GLGLGL Jesse!
  8. I hate ESPN suddenly changing their minds on what to live stream. They were supposed to stream a few FTs from some other events, but decided to trash that idea and stream the TOC instead.
  9. There's a random appearance of another language on their web page:
  10. DN: I do NOT endorse Endura Poker Strips!I didn't write that testimonial.I have absolutely ZERO to do with that company! They better correct it
  11. It's "endura..." with an "a". ...and it's a good way to enhance your performance both on and off the felt. Strips work wonders for the body.
  12. You're just lucky that Casey doesn't come to FCP anymore. If that weren't the case, you (and everyone else) would be drawing dead for July's featured member......Well, unless someone were to bink a bracelet... The jinx of the self-made rail call thread.
  13. I actually think this prediction is quite accurate.
  14. There are several differences here:1) Ivey is a hands-down better player. 2) Ivey is quite capable at winning bracelets in multiple different poker games whereas Helmuth is a one-trick hold'em pony.3) The hold'em events also have significantly higher entrants, lowering probability of winning a bracelet in a given HE event over another event (on average).Given all those differences, there is one more fundamental factor:Helmuth already had the desire to get as many bracelets as possible. Up to a few years ago, one could easily argue that Ivey did not have the same desire or drive to play in WS
  15. Although I appreciate where you are coming from, the bolded statement would be an equal nightmare. When running a tournament, it is a million times easier to deal with the logistics of synchronizing breaks, playing hand-for-hand, making tournament specific announcements etc. if the tournament is being played all in one room. If it were possible to put one entire field for a tournament in one room and another tournament field in another room, then it will be easier to manage both tournaments. Breaking both tournaments equally into both rooms unnecessarily increases the logistical nightmare o
  16. I just wanted to take a moment to quote these two posts and laugh at the potential VB-Sparco feud.
  17. I presume that you are referring to the OP and not looshle...
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