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  1. Congrats!!Is this why Tehtoe wanted to kill you?
  2. Wisdom of the poker youth. He has 2 posts -- that is not enough posts for him to have learned to lie yet.
  3. There is no way I would want to marry someone as whiney as Annette. I think I would end up killing myself.So M JennicideF AnnetteK Liebert...But part of me considers F-ing Liebert just so I could kill Annette... Nah, It'd expensive paying for the counseling to get over that traumatic sexual encounter.
  4. Can a mod please change the thread title to Danny Vs. Annie?
  5. This was yesterday's news.You and your silly timezones. Especially people in the East coast of North America: I don't trust any of you guys, Kurt.
  6. I predict... a permaban!EDIT: WOW the mods are fast. It's already gone! :applause:
  7. A typical mafia response.Personally, I am disappointed but not surprised. I do, however, feel that it is a big deal and hope the poker sites investigate this fully and if found guilty, I hope the perpetrators get permabanned and their funds confiscated.The alleged chat transcript is from a year or two ago.
  8. Congrats on your first ever 5-figure score!
  9. Merby


    Someone needs to bump-then-accidentally-lock the C-Thread.
  10. You know what is rigged...?A parachute! (if you're lucky)Oh what a cruel twist of fate when your poker site is rigged and your parachute is twisted...
  11. Liar!That is cruel to give him false hope like that!
  12. OP's first name is Zach. I was just giving him a hard time, all in good fun.
  13. Zach, stop making joke accounts to act as shills and pimp your product.
  14. GTFO Troll.For the record, yes this is the post I intended to quote.EDIT: I was going to edit my post to make it less abrasive, but then I realized that I meant every word of it and instead added this line.
  15. But has anyone jumped over the bridge since they put up the suicide barrier? LOL WPI was going to make the first joke, but you beat me to it.
  16. You can certainly give back to the poker community as a whole by reinforcing the fact that poker is a skill game. Having minions of physicists in our corner (intelligently) defending our skill argument can only be good. Besides, it might be a fun way to introduce students to quantum mechanics (the river card is all possible outcomes unless/until it is actually dealt).
  17. Congrats Marcel!!From your bio:..."I hooked up with Phil (Highwaystar) and Jeff (outsider13), and briefly met Adam (Fargo), Mark (NoSup4U), Frank (Seacucumber), Justin (Fluffdog), Mike (NNB) and quite a few others.""Hooked up" - I do not think it means what you think it means.
  18. FYP FYP and FYFYPP Not because I actually care about capitalization, but more because I wanted to make use of the rarely-used FYFYPP anagram. To underscore my disapproval of my own "Grammar Nazi" post, I have included a sentence fragment in this reply.
  19. I find 20 BI to be the ***BARE MINIMUM*** for a bankroll. In fact, any time I am playing with less than 25 BI, I feel out of my comfort zone.50+ BI bankrolls FTW!
  20. He also pointed out that his standards are low. In this case, if you posted in this thread, then he found it interesting.
  21. QFT(I hope my QFT post wins the "interesting post" contest)
  22. In that case, I suggest that you never seek to find out the truth in that matter.
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