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  1. I havent played online in a while, just a few home games and whatnot. But i re-downloaded Full Tilt and have been playing .25./.50 and i started with bout 18...but the ratio doesnt make sense. I am playing better here than i did at micro stakes and have doubled my 18 dollars. Is it more of a question about playing what im comfortable with?
  2. Ok thanks. I was hoping i won the hand. THere were a number of times i was the favorite in the hand and lost and battled back to my chip stack. And this would have been a great time to double up. I think back though and i know if i would have folded i could have made the final table and cashed...but i didnt. Oh well, i need to learn.
  3. 400-800...sorry, i forgot to post that. its been a while since ive posted here.
  4. Ive played about 8 Sngs and i finally won my first one and then i played decent in my next one and chopped. But i have a question about a play that i made in a previous tourney.Now this was at a live tourney and i was the chip leader at the table (2 tables left after 8 had been folded) and i had about 20k. The chip leader sits to my left and im the small blind. (Chip leader had about 60k) I pick up pocket Jacks and its folded around to me and i push and he calls me with AK. He wins and i bust out at about 15th. SHould i have waited for a better spot. I saw the chip leader play about 3 hands be
  5. Lol I dont have a debit or credit card. So i just got back from buying a giftcard to deposit money on Poker Stars and i just tried and it didnt work. Does anyone know how to do this?
  6. Ya, i got what your sayin. Im gonna give it a go. I mean if it fails this time around ill keep at it but look at my errors. I dont plan on builing a roll very fast. Especially at Micro Limits lol
  7. Ok, so i havent really played much in about 2 years. I was 16 and 17 when i started playing and i thought i was the shit. Lol after growing up i want to start playing again and i plan to within this week. I am just going to drop 20 dollars at PokerStars and play the Micro games (.1-.2) or the other micro limit games they(someone please post other limits for micro NLHE on Poker Stars). And maybe a 1 dollars SNG here and there. Is this ok to start at with just 20 dollars deposited? Im not really trying to catch a break or anything, i just think it would be fun to try and build something out of n
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