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  1. My opinion is player A. That's the way Dreamclown played DN for the most part and he held his own against one of the best players in the world. There's a lot to be said for aggression short-handed; even more so heads up...
  2. Years ago, the games were much tighter in Vegas (but weak-tight - with the occasional beginner tourist thrown in for pure profit).Los Angeles was way looser and faster. Overall, I found the games in LA tougher.
  3. No offense JanWithout exeption, witch downstring is the casionchip falling for internetpoker? Sometimes mouseclicks could'nt even learn multitabling mabey?Sorry I couldn't resist...Winning poker players are generally of above average intelligence. I strongly recommend you find another hobby...
  4. There's some good information in both Positively Fifth Street and Big Deal. I especially find the history behind the court cards intriguing.
  5. When PartyPoker brought in blackjack, I got to admit, I was one of the poor suckers who tried it - for minimal $$ - just to have a look. Well, I won my first hand and proceeded to lose the next however many until I gave up and quit - never to try it again. I know someone else mentioned that they lost their entire 4-figure bankroll the first day they got it and someone else mentioned losing a pile of hands in a row before quitting. Has anyone out there won any money playing blackjack on PartyPoker or are these scoundrels pulling a fast one on us poor suckers?
  6. Is Daniel Negreanu psychic? If anyone else saw the National Heads Up Poker Championship that the great Phil Hellmuth won they just might think so. In one match, Daniel called the EXACT card on 4th street and 5th street - a whopping 1/1980 shot - and that's not the only time I've seen him do something like that. Now, granted, these were the two cards that made him a straight flush, but still...
  7. I believe Daniel mentioned in one of his blogs that Lori had gone back home for a visit. I think that is why it seemed like he was living the single life again.As for this other vicious rumour, put an end to it. There's no truth to it and it's uncalled for.
  8. Everyone has an opinion and I'm sure a very select few of us DO play poker at a very high level. Just like in any sport, there's always new competitors rising through the ranks that may someday play on the grandest of stages and even overtake today's heroes.There's no question that Daniel likes to play a lot of hands. That has served him well in the past. Doyle Brunson used to bluff at so many pots he would make Mike Matusow look tight. Nowadays, by his own admission, he's had no choice but to tighten up.Daniel has had a lot of TV exposure and many players have seen him bluffing more than
  9. what casino you play out of? palace, yellowhead, bacarat? i've been in edmonton 7 months and like the palace. Fortunatly moving back to toronto in two weeks and can't wait to get back to the 5-10 at casino rama!!IraI don't play at the casinos much anymore, but I play online a lot.
  10. This statement is funny. "I'm a Canadian that looks up to Daniel but my advice is solid." I'm sorry to hear that you've got the Canadian citizenship and the "looking up to Daniel" working against you in this case, and I'm proud of you that your advice is solid, nonetheless.&@^$# the #*&$&% $*##@722 you $*#& #*@&.or, as allinbluff would say,GFYTYDAHD.I guess I could've added the word "just" in front of Canadian. My point was that I'm just an average guy, from the same country as Daniel BUT that is irrelevant as I thought my advice was OK. As it turns out, Daniel didn't n
  11. For small limit Omaha Split, play the nuts and play them aggressively. Put lots of raises in pre-flop with any A2 or other big hands. An ace is the key card in this game, don't leave home without it.Generally, don't be afraid of being quartered, too many people never raise with low afraid of getting quartered.There's some good books out there - Super System II has a good section on it. Online, check out dkbluesky.com. Decimare has some awesome statistics and insights.Overall, I think experience is key in this game and any poker game, really. If you play some pot size, I recommend buying i
  12. I would recommend loosening up a little bit but not too much. It always depends on the situation and the players at your table but, generally, you still need good cards.Sometimes you can get players to lay down most of the time and you can get away with raising almost every hand. More often, however, other players will start playing very loose, too, and you can catch them with a big hand when they're gambling too much.
  13. Looks good to me - you don't have much choice but to try and buy the pot at that point.
  14. I would put maximum pressure to force the low draws out before they get half your money.
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