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  1. If he were to re-raise here I would have to take reads into consideration
  2. From what I hear the oceanjewel has been shut down for a while. oceanjewel.comYour best bet is to find a local dog track for a nl tourny, Or try some of the higher priced SnG's at the Hardrock. Ray
  3. I really think its read dependent on the river.If you think he has a smaller pp, an Ax, or a busted draw then a value bet is probably the right move.his call on the turn is what scares me, you claimed he was a decent player at the 3/6 level, so his call here would make me more inclined to just check the river and call his bet.
  4. I live in tampa and attend USFUsually at the hard rock 3 or 4 nights a week, playing the SNG'sWouldnt mind getting a game together
  5. After borrowing a few from friends early in my college career I decided That i would never study for a test with out it. I am no where close to having A.D.D (Im still skeptical whether or not is actually exists anyways), but Studying without it just seemed like a waste of time.To make a long story short, I was able to get a prescription and use it basically everyday to study. I eat them like skittlesIt can become very addicting, I.e I have gotten headaches during Xmas breaks and spring breaks when im not using it. As for using it for Poker.... I highley recomend it, its hard to explain
  6. So I have had a great night of drinking and am up to challenges.I sat down to a Razz table on full tilt.is the only goal in this game to have the lowest hand?
  7. ive been playing poker long enough to find the need to diversify my games.Omaha H/L seems to interest me the most and im looking for some basic starting advice, like what i am looking for preflop in a hand, what is the difference between PL and limit betting wise, and whether or not I should be playing in cash games or tournies.I would also like to get ahold of some decent reading material.Any help would be appreciated, by the way, I will be playing mostley smaller limits, mostley because this is just for a change of scenery to get my mind of hold emRay
  8. Go to the hard rock monday through Thursdays for .75 cent drafts,
  9. They just added SNG's I think they start around 140 buy in.... all the up to 1000I believe the ocean jewel spreads up to 3/6 limit, and they have some NL tables that i hear are very soft
  10. Its a late monday night and i just spent 40 dollars on $2 jager bombs...... let see which site i can lose a banlroll on
  11. Congrats.... Is this your first big score?Treat your self to something nice.
  12. And i am outPokerStars Game #2925384445: Tournament #14116257, Hold'em No Limit - Level VI (100/200) - 2005/10/29 - 21:12:47 (ET)Table '14116257 54' Seat #9 is the buttonSeat 1: jaad (31795 in chips) Seat 2: whaner09 (2925 in chips) Seat 3: Geidas (24125 in chips) Seat 4: zipzip (14250 in chips) Seat 5: lvstraddle (6700 in chips) Seat 6: petegotaplan (7335 in chips) Seat 7: boomer26 (7607 in chips) Seat 8: spks99 (5255 in chips) Seat 9: johnnyjb (15280 in chips) jaad: posts small blind 100whaner09: posts big blind 200*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to whaner09 [8d 9c]Geidas: folds zipzip: calls 200lvs
  13. around 4k at second break, have avoided playing alot of big pots.Its probably time to make a move if i want any chances of making any money
  14. still sitting around 5k, just cant seem to get going
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