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  1. Don't give advice to friends. Since we are not friends, here is some advice. Don't give advice to friends.
  2. Who says that this is only for guys?
  3. "A man who goes to bed with an itchy butt, wakes up with stinky fingers."
  4. Gentlemen,As corny as it sounds, I would like to say thank you for serving in our Armed Forces and it's b/c of people like yourself that we can celebrate the 4th.
  5. I'm gonna guess his MOS isn't in intelligence, j/k!!
  6. Yeah they should change up games in the middle of the Finals, like play Around the World, or H.O.R.S.Ej/ki love 7/stud
  7. My brother "procured" two road signs from that street back in the mid 90's. The game was doomed all along, TARHEEL Club Road in Raleigh? GO PACK!!!!!
  8. I was hoping to get some info from anyone who has spent time in Vegas in December. Planning a trip for my anniversary and wanted to know if it gets really cold.
  9. I once deposited $25 on Stars, went on a rush up to over $700 in 3 days and lost it in one day. Just lost $70 right now with AA getting beat by pocket J's, i quit
  10. I once folded when a fourth spade hit and I new that I had the low flush. Shortly after folding, I realized I folded a Str8 flush
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