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  1. Im ready for this show to wrap up but i thought this last ep was the best one of the season by far. Although thats not saying much i guess.
  2. You can always just watch it online...all the eps are on fastpasstv.ms
  3. I can def see the similarity. He should be with her anyway...the blonde girl is just annoying.
  4. Yep pretty much like the last 4...i watched both eps so far this season and while the 2nd ep was better than the first not much has changed. I still hate vince, eric is boring, drama is well drama and turtle is the only person i can relate to. Ari/Lloyd have carried the show over the last few years and i doubt it will change this year.
  5. 3 for 3 with me too...I still need to check out White Collar since other ppl are saying its pretty good...figured i'd give it a shot.
  6. Season 8 begins on the 24thTribute to EntourageIts a pretty long tribute...runs almost 30 mins. Talks to the cast/crew about everything from the auditions to the end.
  7. I watched the pilot (liked it), didnt catch the second ep. yet though. It def fits the profile of a summertime USA show though...which im cool with. Not much to watch in the summer.
  8. I thought the second episode was about 10x better than the first...At least there is somewhat of a story forming. I can def do without Sam and his brother though...they just annoy me.
  9. fastpasstv.ms or couchtuner.com either one you dont have to dl anything
  10. Agree with both bolded parts...although i watched it online and didnt see the previews...i just really hopes the season picks up.
  11. Awesome game start to finish...All 3 games in Vancouver have been excellent.
  12. "First you'll have to kill me""I already have"So awesome...HBO just keeps coming out with great show after great show
  13. I didnt think the game was that boring at all...espically the 3rd period
  14. Agreed...they are always so on point with current events, which is why the show is so great.
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