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  1. I'll bite, what the heck does tp/mm stand for?
  2. however, since it's been posted, I will opine....Smash, stick to poker strategy.I see you're point, but ...I'm sorry, what was your point?She may be odd, but most of us have a vision of this woman since she was 13, so this is as close as it gets to legal obsessing over an underage woman...Did I say that out loud....
  3. Been there done that, have yet to see it in live play though. My read said it was unlikely he had those hands. If that had been the case, I wouldn't be posting. I've already complained about that. In general, this was a very passive game with no real aggression (other than me when I was position enabled).
  4. Two table small stakes MTT. Down to 9 players (out of 14). I'm in the big blind with about 2k in chips. Blinds are 100/200. I have AQs. First two players fold, and then players 3 through SB limp. I figure AQ is worth raising in this spot (questionable?).I raise to 800. First limper re-raises all-in, for about 4k. He's got me covered. Everyone else folds. I do some quick math, there's about 2600 in the pot and I have about another 1200 meaning I could get about 3-1 on my money. I don't know what he has, but limping early I don't put him on any of the danger hands, i.e. AA, KK or QQ. So I
  5. DN's a great announcer. Gives the right perspective without going over the top with a lot of extra info that he would take into consideration if he were playing.He's a natural...
  6. From the blog announcement, it looks like DN & PM are going separate ways. Can't say I'm unhappy, I just couldn't get excited about PM.Put yourself in Daniel's shoes? If you wanted to promote an online site, where would you go?I personally think Daniel's going to pass and concentrate on getting Stacked on every console in the world, who knows it might eventually become a gaming site.If I had to pick a site though it's tough since I think all the good ones have more than enough recognizable spokespersons. Ultimatebet? Nah, it's got Hellmuth and Annie Duke, don't see Daniel in the same shot
  7. Live two table tournament, seven handed at our table, blinds are 50/100. I have about 1600 in chips. Button is a relatively big stack (2500 chips+).I'm dealt AKs. I noticed UTG quickly go for chips but just limps in (she's a very passive player, has never raised and is extremely shy.) Button raises to 300.I'm concerned about being out of position post flop, so I re-raise 500 to create some fold equity in case I bet anything that flops. UTG sheepishly says,"well, I either have to fold or go all-in". She goes all-in (for an additional 275). Button goes all-in and I call (the way I figure it's
  8. And there were at least two callers ahead of me making it a four way pot. I'll call the min raise in the big blind even with marginal hands to take a look at the flop. I'm pretty disciplined to lay down unless it really hits. JTs in that position I felt to be an almost automatic call. It's a leak in my game, but I turn it off if I need to.
  9. Setting:Small live tournament, about 18 players. After the break, so everybody's bought the add-on. About three hands into the round, blinds are 75/150 or something like that and I'm in the big blind.UTG raises minimum or some other slighly larger amount, a couple of callers and I have JTs. I call.Flop comes Q9x making me four to my flush and oesd. UTG goes all in about 4500 chips, i have him covered with about 1500 to spare. Everyone folds around to me and I call. Bettor has AA and I'm "favorite". Turn is A, i'm no longer favorite but still have a zillion outs, river is blank and I lose.My
  10. I've been playing a lot since about a year ago. I'm terrible, but a quick learner and have improved. I have a LOT to learn in terms of decision making and mathematical prowess, but I think I have good instincts (that can only be honed further). (I'm 38). I've just started a new job that is a lot more hours than normal, but the upside is reminiscent of the dotcom era. I'm hoping to play a live game/tourney per week (locally they're anywhere from $20 to $100 buy-ins) and improve enough so when my company gets bought out, I'll be the Paul Phillips of the 200x decade.In the meantime however, it's
  11. Setting: Local home game 18 player tourney, low buy in and freezeout. T2500 starting chipstack.About 4/5 levels in, blinds are 50/100 or 100/200, I don't remember which. I had won a big hand earlier, relatively speaking and was a large stack at the table, but not too distanced from the rest.I get AKs either in late position or on the button. Early caller, couple of more callers, I raise 3-4xBB. Blinds folded, but I don't think anybody else did. Flop comes AK7, two diamonds. I bet 500 into an approximately 700 chip pot. First position raises 1000, folded around to me, almost immediately I rais
  12. Negreanu Open this evening...Only 11 players, I figure I'm a lock for the final table, Ha! (Note with only 11 players, we're playing 5 on this table). I call a big raise with KQs, flop comes K99 checked to me, I bet, I get raised, Figure he had AK, fold. (third of my stack pissed away in one hand).JJ on the button, raise 5x the blind, blinds are 10/20 (how ridiculous is this...)Flop is 5-2-3 uncoordinated. SB bets 20 into 240 pot, I raise to 200, he pushes I call (bad move). He turns over 55 for what becomes a full boat. Down to 230 chips...A couple of hands later, I've got KQo, raise into m
  13. This is an incredibly educational post. I'm with most people on this, thinking a push is the way to go, but reading Smash's insight and the OP's thought process make me view it differently. If you're confident you can outplay your opponents elsewhere with the best of it, this is a solid play. Graduate level thinking here. I'm still in elementary school.
  14. I don't three bet on the flop since I've already bet out and he's raised me making me guess he's got a jack.Once my Ace hits giving me the boat, i'm on the accelarator again.Maybe I'm a little conservative and paranoid about cracked aces.
  15. I'm not dead yet...Yes you are, you're not fooling anyone!I'm feeling better...Also....It's just a flesh wound...
  16. I've been doing terribly lately, but now I work days I've been able to multi. I was looking forward to PM's freeroll, but got frustrated with interface falling apart and went to the old staple, $1 MTT on UB.Was in about 30th out of 100 when I called an aggressive overbet I thought was a bluff, turns out it beat my PP (how you call 4x bb with qt, i don't know). From then on I was a middlin' stack as opposed to table captain. Final hand was a classic, I'm early position with QQ raise it up big, 4-5 times BB. I get a raise and a call from late aggressive players. Well, this is as good a place as
  17. My table would go all fuzzy, I couldn't see other players' bubble and i couldn't see my cards. On the flop I can only see the first card. It's my turn to bet and the button is the size of a pixel.I logged off and back in 8 times as this would reset the table. Then I just played a crap hand (A8s, hit the 8 on the flop, bet it and someone's over card hit. I decided to try to push him out since I didn't care if I busted and 'shore 'nuff he beat me.Someone tell me when the site can manage a 500 player tournament (there were only 400 players on the site when I last logged in and it can't manage i
  18. I'm on my fourth deck of Kem's I bought two decks, liked them both, but sent a deck to my mom who DESTROYs cards playing solitaire. The playing side (not the pattern side) was small and I preferred the big numbers.Bought a two-deck pack in preparation for a big tournament, but when I cracked the deck, there seemed to be an odd number of cards (55). The place I buy them from (a B&M darts and games place) said they were their last decks. Apparently KEM went out of business, was bought by one of the major card companies (US Card or something). They essentially closed down the old plant and ha
  19. Has A4s in late position limps in.Flop is A4K two suits to the wrong suit. Two pair not bad since no one raised pf, this player thinks he's in the lead so he bets out. EP calls. Turn is K, (don't remember the bets here, think it was check-check) (What was he thinking). River is 4 giving three flush cards on the board and giving our hero 4's full of aces. Player ahead of our fish bets into our hero. Hero thinks, ah, he hit his flush draw.So Aquaman types in the chat box, "Wrong diamond buddy..." and calls.EP shows a mere K for Kings full of fours and a loud "D'Oh!" is heard throughout the hous
  20. There's no search function in UB, is there? You just have to click on each table and look for familiar names.Someone educate me.
  21. to a very tough question.My game is in shambles. My only success is in limit and only at the .5/1 level (I play on UB). It's the only game I win somewhat consistently. I'm too cheap right now to go up and I get impatient at lower levels. I don't multi-table, don't have the attention span for it.I love NL, but my budget (I don't have a bankroll other than what I have deposited online about $100) doesn't allow me to play high stakes.For example, I'll eeck out 10BB at .5/1 in an two hour session and blow $15 at ..1/.25 NL in 30 minutes.I love SNG's, but can't risk more than 5.5 since I don't regu
  22. Well, no not really. But I do suck at poker, I'm the first to admit it. However, this doesn't give me the right to berate others whether I think I'm better than them or not.I've learned humility at this game. I think it's a required characteristic for self-improvement. I thought that was what this post was about. The OP obviously didn't think this even though he hinted at it.Whatever...Don't waste any more time with it unless you want to hijack the thread and turn it into a thread about how I've overcome my weaknesses in the game. That's something I'd be interested in.Call me naive....
  23. Yes he's annoying.Yes he crossed the line a couple of times (once specifically waving a big flat tile at Surinder)But,Just like Josh Arieh's performance at WSOP, without being there, you don't know what's really happening.When he busted the online qualifier, he seemed genuinely apologetic (easy to be when you bust someone)It works only if you let it affect you.He's a decent player. He survived a top class two hundred person field to make the final table twice in three years. He must be doing something right.That bluff 84 vs q9 when Surinder had top pair was classic and a great play.I thought c
  24. 84, suited or not.It's called Bellagio because one of the players saw some drunk at a 4/8 table at the Bellagio hit two pair on the flop with it and betting it like it was the stone cold nuts. I believe the board eventually paired and he got beat by a higher pair. It's one of those "you had to be there" moments.However, anytime 84 comes on the flop, somebody yells, "Bellagio's the nuts!" Lots of people in the game play it for grins. And it a frequent winner (I know, statistically it's not any kind of a hand, but people play it at this game so much, it seems like it wins more than you'd expe
  25. I've seen that too. I thought it was to memorize the hand for subsequent analysis. But that doesn't seem right.Part of my failing is that I never remember my hand after I've mucked it nor can I remember other players' raising hands when shown down. Unless of course I've mucked J2 and the flop comes JJ2. Those I always remember.
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