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  1. If i remember rightly, some of you may know him as the guy who zips his jacket over his face during a stare down after he has raised Howard Lederer....Seems like a good guy, i wish him all the best. I'd love to see Raymer win the event again - he has already gained my respect as a great player. Ivey, Matasow and Phan would also be great to see on the final table.
  2. Yeah, i thought that for a second - but i believe that was Shawn Rice...Do you mean the guy who was beat by James Vogel?
  3. William Hill 10k GTD:3rd place - £800 ($1600)4th place - £650 ($1350)
  4. Dont suppose there is one for william hill?
  5. BB looks like a complete fish aswell.
  6. Just a guess, as i havent seen the hands in question.My guess is that he's complaining at these people for calling his all-in with these low pocket pairs, not the other way round. In this situation the people are choosing a coinflip whereas Mikes play should usually seem them out the pot.
  7. Hello, i am planning on making a deposit on some poker software - after playing on William Hill for a year and i was wondering what you people think.I am mostly interested in multi tables and like slow blind structures and got GTD's. Thanks.
  8. Try watching some more tournaments then....He is a good player - and he is in no way "a lot of talk". He constantly speaks modestly of his poker playing abilities, which ill happily assume are alot better than yours.
  9. I've also tried multiple players, and get the same problem
  10. Thanks for the advice, but its with all movies and i've already downloaded all the neceserry codecs.
  11. Hello!I recently installed a new graphics card on my computer. Everything works fine, including games, music and so on, but whenever i try to play a video file the video does not show and my computer slows down to a crawl until i ctrl+alt+del and end the task of the the media player.I have installed all the latest drivers off the website, and even tried formatting and reinstalling everything - but to no avail. It'd be great if someone here has a solution.Thanks, Simon.
  12. How would i go about placing a bet on this?
  13. You also missed two important points - they were the chip leaders, and Gus had only put $100,000 out of his total of $400,000 into the pot.Basically i think it was a mix of 2 things, Gus Hanson being macho - and wanting to higher his chances of taking down the tournament. For one i dont think Gus liked Antonio attempting to bully him out of the pot, but i also think that he read Antonio for a hand not as strong as a high pocket pair - and seeing as he had already put 1/4 of his stack in he decided to take a 50/50 or a 60/40 to have $1,000,000 in chips instead of $300,000, eliminate a dangerou
  14. I actually found it to be a pretty interesting read - much more interesting than your dumb posts.
  15. That's not a very good example - if you got all his money in on the end anyway - im sure you could have done it if you'd checked down to the river and raised/bet into him there.Im not saying it is correct to check down to the river (apart from some situations) - just saying that in this situation it didnt pay to bet before the river.
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