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  1. Yeah, definately the Colts, Definately the colts...K-Mart sucks..
  2. That's sad. Very, very sad. :cry:I really liked him in Happy Days too.
  3. This was a story of Stu's life and what he did in the gambling world and how self destructive he was. As far as a "poker movie" it was all right, but it gave you just a little glimpse of the genius that stu was when it came to reading people and the cards. In that respect, I wish it showed more of his life than it did.
  4. kid315


    So the Lord of the Rings movie, is it as good as the book?
  5. So what you're saying is, he waited untill the hand was over then he left, that was the funny part? I find it funny seeing what people play and actually winning with especially after I have folded what would've been the winning hand.
  6. Oh Hell No. there isn't a poker game big enough for me to quit playing poker for ever. Maybe after 45 years of winning i'll quit, but after just 1 tournament, forged-aboud-it.
  7. there are several poker sites I play most often. Poker Rewards, Stars, and Full Tilt. I really like Fill Tilt's layout with the round table, you can put yourself anywhere on the table and play. I found that most pleasing especially when I'm haveing a really bad run of cards I position myself in another spot and it seems like a new deck has come out and after a couple of hands I start getting better cards. I play Poker Rewards because I was in a "free" league in Nebraska and I can play free online poker to win real money. And Stars is where i first started playing online poker. So I hav
  8. Exactly, the 5 lowest cards w/o pairing. takes the pot. But being a home game, it's all for "fun" anyway. it's not like you're paying your mortgage with the home game winnings anyway. as long as everyone is having fun, that's what matters. I never took my home game very seriously. Sure I'm competative and want to win everyones money and show them who the best is, but there are times I love watching the expressions on their faces and agonizing over a call that makes losing a hand very enjoyable too. I like screwing with their heads.
  9. Just ate lots of turkey...triptophan kicking in...must sleep now....Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.
  10. Everyone remembers, with great detail, their losing hands and sessions, but few can recall, with any amount of certainty, their winning hands. I can remember just about all the bad beats I've taken, but not all the big pots I've won. It's easier to relate a bad beat storie than a winning storie.
  11. I'm actually in the middle of ToP and SS. Reading both at the same time. I'll have to re-read ToP a couple of times to understand, comprehend it and put in terminology best suited to me. other than that, Both, IMO, are great books.
  12. Drinking, fighting, cussing, falling down, waking up in the ditch and having everyone tell me i was all alone tonight.
  13. kid315

    poker music

    I like listening to Pink Floyd especially playing online. A lot of their older stuff is really out there. you really need to be in the right frame of mind.
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