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  1. Godspeed son. Keep poker alive, buddy.
  2. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=58...57104&hl=en
  3. This case is not a simple black letter law contractual issue. Obviously, if a contract signing is rendered unconscionable a court would void the contract, but that's not the issue here. The anti-trust issue is complicated and requires an understanding of anti-trust law. Simply stating that you can hold a tournament in another casino is no response to the unconstitutional practices the WPT is engaging in. But back to the likenesss issue, I see nothing wrong with the 7 trying to use the courts to change the language of the contract. If the WPT never intends to exploit a player's image, then
  4. Imagine a world where nobody ever stole anything, but the law stated that stealing was wrong. Suddenly, it's okay to steal, because there have been no acts of theft? You're weird Negreanu.Also, this small case is not going to hurt poker in the long run--you of all people should understand the idea of the long run. The issues are likeness exploitation and unfair business practices. How you think one anti-trust lawsuit will influence a politician's views on internet poker is beyond me. It's ultimately about taming corporate greed.You think way to highly of yourself if you actually believe th
  5. Negreanu:Follow this link, I think it might help you understand what thiscase is really about.http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060807/od_nm/...DRpBHNlYwM3NTc-
  6. Andy Bloch has passed the bar.Both Bloch and Raymer are capable of understanding the legal issues beyond your average lay person.Negreanu doesn't know what he's talking about.The Sherman Anti-Trust Act has nothing to do with this case. And if it did, Federal Baseball v. National League, and the other cases that were shown as exempt from the federal provisions are not on point anyway.
  7. And you have a law degree from Harvard Law, Negreanu?
  8. Only sensible thing said in this thread.Grinder is backed by Phil Ivey. I doubt Grinder is broke.
  9. Good luck buddy. Earning your buy-in via craps; great story. The pit can be gracious or brutal, but as Steve has said, best steered away from. There's a story about one LA pro, I forget his name, who took all his tournament winnings and blew it all on blackjack. He hit on a 21 at one point, when he was down to his last 50k or so claiming the casino could never beat him. It's a rumor, don't know if true, but the pit can own you, and make you do insane things.In LA, they blow it all on Pai Gow.In the 1500 event, a buddy of mine doubled through the Grinder last night, a little after the dinn
  10. I would never say that Negreanu didn't play his little heart out like a champ in the 50k Horse Event. I think the same can be said when the Main Event starts up. This Cemo fella pushed the wrong button because I don't think he understands what the 50k Horse meant to Negreanu. In some sense, despite all the arguments about it, it has crowned the greatest all-around poker player amongst top level pros: Chip Reese. Negreanu with all his heart and soul wanted to be a part of that elite crowd despite his understanding that it's just one tournament.A mixed game tournament final table with Doyle
  11. He's sorta paid his dues. He's been kicked around so much, but manages to hang in there; you gotta admire his tenacity and heart for poker.Even a dog gets a piece of the sunlight. This is Dutch Boyd's breakout year.
  12. Negreanu is one of the best poker players to have ever graced the felt. I could go into the numbers, but I don't have time for that. As far as WSOP, remember '04?Also, wait until you get a load of this year. You mtfckas don't understand how well he's doing right now. Final table, and a 2nd place already? And he's probably not playing optimally yet, just warming up.I say Negreanu takes two bracelets this year at WSOP, and may even take WSOP player of the year again. He'll final table that 50k horse event, and this year will be his great run towards the live, pay-per-view televised main ev
  13. He's way better at video journaling than writing prose blogs.Maybe it's the MTV generation in him (Growing up with video confessionals and the like), but he comes off way more candid, humble and likable on video than in his written blogs.Not that what I ultimately think holds any weight, but I think the video blog was a good move on his part, and I'm beginning to see where the guy is coming from now. He's way less self-centered than I thought, and far more endearingly self-deprecating than one would think. He just has this cheeky, impish, ironic personality that comes off wrong in the writte
  14. Keep that hat on, or shave the head.Good luck with the rest of the series.
  15. Poker will never die as long as good people keep making money outside of poker--then feed it into the game, and the professional monkeys keep pedaling the dream. The bedrock professional monkeys will always be there, but you always see working men and women take shots at the greatest quick-rich scheme America has devised.You see the lottery ever fade out?
  16. Negreanu is poker's greatest ambassador, and he's shown an incredible amount of maturation lately. There is not a single poker player in the world who has given back as much to the game than him. It's almost like he's guilty that he doesn't have to actually work for money like normal people--so to counter-act the guilt of leading an inherently non-productive lifestyle, he does his part to give back to the game that made him, and somehow I think he's become a better man for it, and has become a productive member of society because of his efforts. Protege comes to mind, his video poker blog,
  17. Guys tearin' it up.Fidler winning this thing is more important to the new phase of Negreanu's career than a Negreanu tournament win--and important for poker to survive in general as a viable profession for young degenerates.I hope the cards fall well for Fidler, and I'm proud of Negreanu and Fidler--if Fidler makes final table (or even just cashes), I'll be happy for both of them. Negreanu has done a good job of really putting his heart in this Protege thing. I hate to use the word "respect" with regard to him (because I really dislike the guy), but I respect how this protege thing is going
  18. I think what makes me ill about his recent blog, and most of his blogs in general (and yes, eventhough it makes me physically ill to read, I still read it--I'm a glutton for punishment what can I say), is that he has this know-it-all attitude about life. It's like he's a 70 year old who has everything figured out. He comes off as a really boring, complacent, self-centered guy.He is not well-travelled, and has a very myopic worldview. He has no true "life experience" like he embraces in his blog aside from the experience he got from hustling poker in card rooms or television.Anyway, this is
  19. Unfortunately he is "one" of the most successful tournament players. THE most successful? ni**a please.http://www.pokerpages.com/players/lists/wo...top-players.htmhttp://www.pokerpages.com/players/profiles...el-negreanu.htm
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