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  1. I might have missed it but it doesnt look like you checkraised a single time. You might want to try it in heads up play. its a lot stronger than say... check calling with air
  2. I doubt it, aces full of tens is the 4th nuts on that board, i think only a real donk would reraise on the river.Its not a value raise because no hand can call that doesnt beat you, how can tens full of aces reraise with the 5th nuts?Aces full will call the raise but thats the most you can get out of it.
  3. I also heard from one of the dealers at the River Rock that there is going to be a bounty on Chan and Hellmuth during the tournament and you win your entry fee back if you take them out.
  4. Actually AA against A9os isnt the worst because the A gives you a cslight chance to chop the pot if there is a wheel straight. While I dont know the percentages the smalles chance is KK vs K2os
  5. You need this: Bitcometthen you go here and search High stakes poker:Mininova
  6. I think folding is bad on the turn and pushing is obviously a nightmare. Just call his raise and re evaluate on the river. You have position and you called his check raise on the turn, if hes not that strong hes gonna have to come out with a pretty large 1/2 - 2/3 pot size bet to make you fold. Not likely to happen out of position. Also, he is either on the draw or hes made hand, if the draw hits and he bets then you can be pretty sure he has it, if he has the made hand he will check to you if the draw hits if hes scared of the card and you can take a free showdown if you think your best or b
  7. Sat the 16th Boulevard is having a $300+20 100 person tournament. If you win that you can buy into all 3 events. Also if your just interested in playing in the BCPC main event, as I am, you should wait until oct 6 where they start running satellites to the events seperately. I played in the last 260 combo satellite, 88 people 4 entrys and 5th got 2200 or something. Anyways coming in top 5% is hard, the oct 6 satellites award 1 for every 10 or 15 i believe.
  8. You guys probably wont get a sit and go satellite going on friday at the boulevard, all their dealers will be dealing cash games i think but you never know. As for Saturday everyone should come to boulevard for the 100 man $300+20 tourney, should be a good time.
  9. This is term #6 in the applicable conditions for cashout on DreamPoker#6The Bonus cannot be cashed in by the player until the following criteria have been met:The Player has played 100 raked hands and made a deposit on DreamPoker. (For the purpose of this Bonus, a raked hand is defined as any hand in which the player has made a contribution to the pot and the hand is raked at a minimum of $0.25).You have to make a deposit, and give your credit card number to get the 10$
  10. To the OP here is your problem:your excess winning or losing swings do not increase proportionately to the number of hours you play. Rather, they increase proportionally to the square root of the number of hours played.Say you are a break even player, playing in a game where the most you would win or lose in a six hour session is $500. After a hundred such sessions (600 hours) it would be very wrong to conclude that your results would range from minus $50,000 to plus $50,000. Rather they would almost certainly range from negative $5,000 to positive $5,000. You multiply the one session possible
  11. Thanks for the if anything,at least interesting, and informative post. and to the 2 people who negatively replied: how do daniels balls taste? you gay fan boys.Sailor moon avatar. nuff said
  12. Wow you religion people, do you actually think you are going to hell if you dont share your poker profits with your church? Do you think god cares? If you are a good person and you live a good life they are gonna shut you down at the pearly gates because you didnt tithe your poker money?Sorry for being so ignorant but theres no such thing as god anyways.
  13. Both sides are right and wrong, but one blaring fact that everyone has to accept is that if you didnt start playing at least when the television boom started you are already behind, and those of us who did are way ahead. Starting out at poker a few years ago was a lot easier than starting out now, and its only going to get harder. I see the drop off when casual players dont even have a chance at winning anymore.
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