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  1. Sweet putting stroke Daniel, love the video format. You need to get a pair of FootJoy MyJoys with FCP embroidered on them to complete the look. Go through the FootJoy website - you can build a pretty cool pair. I did, so worth it.Fairways and greens bro...Cheers.
  2. Use "working me" instead of "raping me" - it makes the same reference IMO.
  3. Yup - I'll be there at 9pm FRiday night...
  4. 1:37 pm: "$46,000. Busted a guy with the following hand: I raised to 525 only knowing I had two paint cards. The sb made it 1500, so I looked. It was KK."Ya, may as well have a peek - watch out if he makes day 2.Cheers.Thanks Patty.
  5. Yup - funniest sports dude on the net. If only he were a Broncos fan, he got the Sox part right.
  6. loving that standard 2000 raise...they don't know what to think...atta boy
  7. i'm on pp now - what's the tourney and table?
  8. go windsor - home of the superbowl hooker throwdown.
  9. 2:49 pm: "Lee just doubled through BK. I laid down Aces on the flop and saved a tonMan, he's firing on all cylinders...apologies if posted previously.Cheers.
  10. Daniel Alaei is playing one hell of a tourament...this guy has won and lost big pots and continues to scrap...beware DN...
  11. Good thing they kept him at the main table...good action.
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