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  1. What site do I go for Merge rakeback???
  2. 6 kids!?!? Wow, no wonder he has to play in the big game! Are all others besides Joe Asian-looking?
  3. Has anyone tried Poker Vitals (pokervitals.com) software? Just wondered if it is legit. There's been a spammer visiting my table several times while playing at Absolute. Anyone?
  4. Uh, yeah, about that......HR needs to see you first thing in the morning!!!
  5. Try sitting on top of the router. That'll fix it.
  6. Hardly a donk. Has more poker experience than many readers here for sure! Got 2nd in a bracelet event a year or two ago also. Better than you think.
  7. Extra screw....showoff....just give me one!
  8. No one would ever criticize someone's English on here!
  9. It wouldn't come out of Harrah's pocket....it would come out of each event total prize pool.
  10. I think they ought to buy in all prelim bracelet event winners to the HORSE event; take it out of the prize fund. That way they build up the numbers of the HORSE event.
  11. Where are these guys playing Chinese poker online? Anyone know?
  12. I've heard incest is best. Let us know.....
  13. Gee, hope they're signed up for rakeback!!!
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