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  1. Hang in there buddy.You'll hit big--for sure--you deserve it.Stay away from the juice when you play though.
  2. Quitting poker is a symptom of pay check to pay check living, or being relatively broke financially or in life. Broke also includes a life where there are people you care about who don't understand your lifestyle, and prevent you from playing the game you love.Honestly, everyone goes broke a few times in life or in their poker life, otherwise you never really lived, and you spent your whole life with a silver spoon in your mouth. Poker is not for spoiled rich boys, status-oriented wannabes, or get-rich-quick-scheme poseurs.The last thing the degenerate world, who intend to live the rest of t
  3. Go JC!Tran!Mexican's can't play poker. Ask Daniel Negreanu. Just serious.
  4. Cardcore.Nice short stack play.The other sites did a shi++y job anyway, for what it's worth. You got a lot of work to do, but your site's heart was in the right place. In time bro.GG
  5. Cardplayer and Pokerwire need better, more accurate updates.Cardcore, do something about that.If not now, then in future 10k events.
  6. "A toast to the black man, thanks for taking it all in stride."Quotation taken from the Family Guy Ep when Stewie was drunk--f-d up beyond all recognition.The entire following clip, from beginning to end, is like a metaphor for his public career--internet and otherwise. hahaha I kid. I kid. Seriously though, there are a myriad of parallels.Good times Negreanu; bbfidtshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJrvwRFi2Sg
  7. Drunken/sloppy Wednesdays, or whatever day you choose.Set aside one day where you play penny, or small buy-in rebuy tournaments with the sole intent of playing recklessly.Results don't matter, throw technicalities out the door, and only play for the fun of it. I mean it's like nutbarring par excellence. You guys forget about this article: http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/daniel/pok...amp;ucat=1&but to get the tilt out of you I'm talking more like the party day article Negreanu wrote years ago:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/daniel/pok...amp;ucat=1&Low-limit multi rebuys, or any of th
  8. Your latest blog was the best blog ever. Old school. Respect for the days that paved the way. Good way to say farewell to your loyal readers.
  9. Gold has handled himself better lately in the media. He might have good marketing consultants or his father's death made him grow up, but he's coming off as much more humble and less of a douchebag than what we saw during the main event television exposure; during the main event, I think he was a little crazy--maybe in over his head, running, perhaps too well, in many ways manic--and also unfamiliar with professional gambler's unspoken rules.Time will tell if he has any real game, but I think he's minimized some of his douchebag status.As far as cheating by peaking at whole cards on national
  10. Wow, who really gives a sheit about this guy.FCP never ceases to amaze me.It's like a community of five year olds.Some kid started a call-out thread over a paltry 25 dollar loan? FCP is like the bottom feeder world of the poker world.Be afraid, be very afraid.
  11. Congrats Daniel. Keep poker alive buddy. You're as real as they get mang.Keep being you. Don't let 'em keep a good man down.
  12. What are you doing, buying a house, a car or engagement ring in cash?Just relax, you'll get your money.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K-0mu22afE
  13. Ironic, it's actually black history month, here in the States.More ironic, if a poll were conducted, the more outspoken posters who proclaim offensiveness are probably honkey, white-cracker liberals who have absolutely no friends of color anyway, so the point is moot.What Negreanu did is not blackface, in the strictest sense. He is pretty dead on with his impersonation of a Jamaican, spliff-puffing professional poker player. In a broader sense, one's definition of blackface as racism might include any act of impersonation involving the use of black face paint. I'm inclined to believe that t
  14. Who cares.Build your own bankroll, live your own life.Stop training as a professional railbird, it's pathetic.
  15. Who cares.Build your bankroll, live your life.
  16. Damn, this guy is fricken' incredible.You ARE planning on playing in the LAPC series, or planning on hitting the live tourney circuit soon? (sw)Play the supers as well, your style obviously would fare well in the supers.Anyway, I'm thoroughly impressed with your results.Otherwise, keep smoking that kronick and grinding out no glory, baby toureys in your mom's basement loser. Time to get out in the real world computer boy. Online poker is dead. Good luck.
  17. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...l%3Den%26sa%3DN
  18. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mushin
  19. Yeah, a while back, I bought the F&G Limited Edition Set for a friend of mine.Good stuff, for the short run they had. Hilarious, yet poignant. gg, f and g
  20. This thread is a play on NWP's recent fake-a$$ tabloid thread probably.My two cents to NWP's juvie thread:Brandi Rose is hideous (looks like a dirty infected vag), and Micon looks like a transgendered version of the wicked witch from the West. vnhGood luck.
  21. Listened to this radio clip for the first time today.Joe Rogan said nothing wrong, did not disrespect Negreanu or his then ex-fiance at all. I recall that period of time when Negreanu was not with Lori. Rogan was just telling it like it is, and making a joke out of it; oftentimes in break ups we imagine worst case scenarios because we still carry feelings for the person during the rebound period. Negreanu overreacted then, and he's going way overboard with his recent blog in regard to the same subject.Knowing that the show was not strictly a "poker" show, Negreanu should have cut them some
  22. Actually how about you win some big money in poker and fulfill your poker dreams you talented fu**, and you mind your own business.*lights a flame under your a$$*eeh guh dah sheep sehk yi, geh boh jeeh dah sehk ii(no sarcasm warning)
  23. And you lack at winning poker, you ****** wannabe. Keep grinding out micro, and living in your mom's house.Mickey D's is always hiring.
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