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  1. yup GL this seasonhow many people do you usually get for the pickem league?
  2. scotyno i just transferred u 30 for the pickem leaguelet me know the details, thanksedit: steamed rice on FTP
  3. beautiful, count me in for the pickemill ship in a couple days on full tilt
  4. can i get info on the pickem league? ive never been part of one but id like to play
  5. poor girlall she wants to do is play some cards with you guysvtl wins this thread by far, great postsEdit: <3 to Getsprung's "You Disgust Me"
  6. Based on what you said you play I'd prob recommend Stox
  7. watFV has more action and a better poker roomCN is a dump but the sportsbook is key
  8. - Mooned an undercover cop, and got my ass whipped by him- Got hit on by a TV actress (Degrassi counts amirite?)- Jerked it in the Atlantic Ocean
  9. - Had a threesome...NOT a devil's 3way - Gave a dap to Sean May of the Bobcats
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