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  1. What a shocker for such a young man. I would love to hear DN's experiences with such a great player. His TV persona seemed to be nothing but class.RIP
  2. Umm, no the general population does that by shelling out the outrageous $$ for tickets. No one is worth 26 million per year. A majority of the households in this country are about one paycheck from going broke. The average credit card debt in this country is circling the $10K mark and growing. As larger salary employment leaves this country, over time, will have a major impact on discretionary income and in turn and sports entertainment. They better count their blessings now, because the next generation will not have the $$'s to spend on the over-priced tickets.
  3. I agree, it is a circle! But, how long before the circle comes around to us again and how long will it stay, Remember Made in Japan ? El Guapo is correct as well with supermarkets. I worked for 11 years in a supermarket in NY and margins did run around 1-3 % but if salary expense was to decrease I would like to think that the savings would be passed on to the consumer rather than an increase in company profit. I now own an Ace Hardware store and Ace corporate, as I am sure are many other large corporations, are dumping a boatload of money into overseas expansion.
  4. OK, from what I have read about the motion picture industry boom in Canada has little to do with the exchange rate but rather the high cost of doing business with the unions. Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall filmed the movie Open Range in Alberta but the set was to look like Montana. Watch the extras on the DVD and Costner will explain why he took the movie to Alberta, and how he cut his overhead by more than one half.Living in Michigan, the automotive capital, I have watched all the tool and die business leave one after the other. Why?, The union wage with benefits. The companies will eit
  5. this should answer the basics http://www.autism.com/autism/index.htm
  6. Please Moderator do not move this post. It is a prediction that this is what DN's next blog will cover. It is my understanding that Daniel had attended a fundraiser in LA for Autism last week. My Godchild (girl) was diagnosed with Autism within the past year and I do not think people realize how common Autism is in today's society and the numbers are growing. As of this year, 1 out of 150 children born in the US will be diagnosed with Autism. Males outnumber females 4-1. I never even gave it a second thought until it hit home and I find these numbers staggering and increasing every year
  7. Umm, It's his employment and career.
  8. Well, if I was to make that statement it would be a foolish one, but not for yourself. Your instincts are top notch and you have proven that over and over again (sometimes scary). My only observation and concern was you don't seem the same. You started out awesome this year, bought a new home, new dog (always a plus) and you did not have to travel for a month. With all of those factors considered, I thought your reports would be upbeat and positive. When I didn't see that, something wasn't right. It seems you realize that something is wrong and I hope whatever it is, it works out for yo
  9. I would prefer to consider this a constructive comment but many would probably think not. I have noticed such an attitude change in DN over the 6 months. With such positives as a great start to 2007, the purchase of a new home, and the optimistic approach to all of the WSOP events, DN's attitude is really weird. Late nights, partying, showing up late and no shows will create poor performances in anyone's career (whether it be poker of bagging groceries at Walmart). In his last video it looks like his eyes are going to fall right out of his head.I never really cared for Hellmuth but respec
  10. how much time were you spending on line? 2 hours a day over the course of a year is exactly 1 month solid on the computer surfing.
  11. ITS A JOKE!! another Imus hater, doesnt know a joke when he sees one. Now I know why DN gets attacked on everything.
  12. and ask them, "how is that global warming doing for ya?". Two days before Uncle Sam's holy day of obligation and I'm plowing baby (I am about 40 miles north of them).Mike
  13. OK, I found the DN's blog amusing, but what pisses me off is that I paid the full dollar amount for 3 autographed copies of his book and he has his wife handing them out at a shelter. After all, I am basically homeless now after reading the book. PH is such a nit wit sometimes.
  14. Who in their right mind would make that wager. With so many opportunities for bracelets, and 18 pages of stats for both players combined (on cardplayer.com), I think either bet would be suicide. I believe that both Hellmuth and Negreanu will both bracelet in 2007. They also have 9 2nd place WSOP finishes combined. I wouldn't bet it even for 5 bucks ( well, maybe for fun, but I would still be cheering them on). I know a lot will break down the math to calculate if the bet will be profitable or not like Daniel did, but with so many bracelet opportunties offered, combined with a solid resume
  15. Agreed, its all random and neither is predetermined. In a live game you can only be in one spot at one time. On line, you can be at numerous tables at once (and if you are as talented as Elky, you can play 12+ tables simultaneously), therefore experiencing more suckouts and possibly not your best play because you attention isn't focused on one table. In my opinion, seeing more hands is a shorter period of time will create the illusion of a higher rate of loss. Compare apples to apples and play your same game and a single table online, and I think it would be close to the same. Even though
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