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Hachem definitely should NOT be in the category of "best at taking beats." Ever since his ME win, every tourney he's on, he's bitching about how "unlucky" he is. I like the guy, but it's unreal how much he bitches about how unlucky he is. You were lucky enough to win the 2nd biggest score ever, take it and like it. I'm sure he got lucky plenty of times along the way. He also played well though. You can add Tony G to the "good at taking beats" list, but not the "classy" list though.Kinda like a quote I read somewhere else, "A person isn't a nice person if he is nice to you while eating but rude to the waiter." Something like that.
Yeah...I guess he is a bit of a whiner at times. I put him on there because I got to meet and talk to him for a bit in the early rounds at Bellagio back in December (WPT, the one he eventually won).He was very mild mannered and very nice. Great guy. :club:
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Which was?
I wish I could remember the exact quote but it was something like:Actually there's this one guy in Ohio that's worse than me but when he dies I'll be the worst.
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