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  1. What were they doing that Bill fought? I was thinking he was going to fight at the end of the Krav Maga episode but then Jason started explaining why he would be better and the Bill just gave up.
  2. I don't care who leaves but FWP posts are alot more annoying.
  3. Out of all the episodes I watched the big football player never fought at the end. It was always the little mma guy.
  4. I just watched four hours of this show. This stuff these guys are learning is so awesome.
  5. Didn't he get in a fight with Vinny Vinh or David Pham on one of the PPT events when those were running?
  6. Here's a list of the new players taken from the magazine ALL IN.Brandon AdamsPrevious HSP Appearances: None• Born in 1978, teaches Behavioral Finance at Harvard• Semi-professional cash-game player, playing NLHE as high as $200/$400• Career tournament winnings in excess of $168,000, including a final table at the 2005 Tournament of Champions• Has written two books, one entitled Broke: A Poker NovelMike BaxterPrevious HSP Appearances: None• Works as a hedge fund manager in California• Born in 1963, has played poker since he was a kid, No-Limit Hold ’Em for about 10 years• Strictly a recreational
  7. Preflop I would reraise to 32-35K. If he reraises then you can pitch it easily, if he flat calls I would lead that flop and plan on playing for my stack.As played I probably call all-in and puke when he has an overpair. I think in this spot though you are ahead a good amount of the time.
  8. I wish they would bring Helmuth back to knock Gordon down a couple of notches.
  9. LOL at Phil saying that maniac couldn't win the Bellagio Cup. I guess Phil doesn't know who BeL0WaB0Ve is.
  10. I have been watching this whenever I get the chance, it's down to the final three at the end of the last episode I saw. I've heard about Gobboboy(sp?) online a bit but never anything to solid about his game just how big he is. Anyways all the hands they show him in he is way behind for alot of chips. Is he just a luckbox or what? Does anyone have any information on his online wins?
  11. For anybody into Woodie Guthrie or Bob Dylan, I think you should check out The Nightwatchman. It is Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave playing acoustic folk songs.
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