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  1. play tightershove unopened pots with a good hand when 10-12x bb, don't raiseshove all limped pots in late position when players aren't known to limp with montersSt. Augustine kicks ass btw, my favorite city....
  2. how does Jamie Gold buy in for half a million, I thought he was going to give all his winnings to his dad......BS liar pos
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxQYg0b5ppw I thought these were hilarious....
  4. Like the old saying goes: "Any publicity is good publicity"And it holds true and Humberto knows it, he is being discussed tons more these days then he was when he was calmer. Its just a marketing ploy.
  5. Im sure people were giving him drinks to celebrate his win.Im glad he took it down, couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
  6. don't ever go broke in an unraised pot....folding was the right play..
  7. oh and seriously a donk move btw, good way to go busto.....pretty bad for your ev
  8. It doesnt matter if you have 500 posts if most of your posts contain "QFT", which is the case with many posters. Quality posts count + date joined.....
  9. I think AK will bet a flop like that out of position, especially in these stakes, but it just depends on who is playing.Do you have the results for this hand?
  10. I really think you have the best hand, the turn bet sure doesn't seem like he has a flush, its almost like a blocker bet. Id put him on QQ, JJ, AK or something similar.
  11. Pitbull poker is the easiest site I've ever used to build money on, the problem is; its the hardest to withdrawl your money from. It took me over a month to get my money out.
  12. can it really compare this this?worst beat
  13. I didnt notice, welcome to 2005.
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