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  1. Match up 1 - Hachem, think he probably has the edge and in recent years has played more events iirc?Match up 2 - Ferguson, sure he will play a lot more events than Barry G, a lot more of the 1500 type eventsMatch up 3 - Reitman, I flipped a coin and did not win.Match up 4 - Deeb, IDK why, just seems to have bigger online scores from what I remember.
  2. Busted 73rd in mini ftops.Made the worst play ever ever ever, I'm not sure but I think i twas to do with the fact it was 8am here, and I'd been awake / playing 24 hours.Last month:15th in double deuce60th in double deuce73rd in miniftops main eventI lack that final push in big mtt's sigh.
  3. it turns doom switch on / off
  4. http://www.pokerhand.org/?4069976standard
  5. Would that not mean Ivey potentially could be on an up swing? Not wanting to take away anything from him obv!
  6. Perhaps I look at it totally wrong, but the villain is rarely going to fold to this 3bet pre.So lets say he calls, the flop is 7 high. Now what? Or Qxx? I think increasing the size of the pot oop with a hand like KJ warrants more problems on later streets. What do others think? Its good to get other opinions on this, from what I have read / watched / learnt from playing HU myself is playing large pots oop is not how you win, although I admit my experience is not that intense.
  7. I wouldn't take this line, you instantly escalate the size of the pot when you are out of position. I'd rather call and peel the flop off when this deep, your hand strength is totally hidden by doing this. Tehtoe - care to explain what is wrong in my strat here, rather than saying 'lol'?
  8. By check calling 2/3 your stack you are going to be 99% confident you have the best hand in this spot. Which if this is the case a check / shove or open shove the river are the two best options.Note there is more than one draw out there, KQ is also a very likely hand in this spot especially at this buy in level. Depending on the villains style, I'd like to either check snap, or time for a little while and bet a smaller amount (say 300) inducing KQ to donk shove over the top. You will lose value by simply shoving or checking. I think the smaller river bet will get him to call with a 10, and som
  9. Do you know who on the forum goes by the name of Skully92 on stars? Owe him some monies
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