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There goes about 3/4 of a years worth of winnings.

Seats - There are no good seats (unless you are ringside). We had floor seats 11 rows from the ring... pretty close and I paid quite a bit. I couldn't see shit. You can't see over other people's heads

The internet is an environment. Environments attract compatible creatures.   'Comment sections' of anything (Youtube being the best example, where the absolute lowest form of internet vermin are ap

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That definitely sounds like its worth watching.


So Silva's arrogance defeats him again?

Yeah pretty much. A combo of he's not as fast as he used to be and Bisping is lucky and durable, but every time Silva looked like he was taking it seriously it looked like a different fight. That just wasn't very often.

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I'm just gonna go ahead and throw this out there.


It would not surprise me if Connor had an unexpected handful with Diaz. I have no money on this fight but I am not so sure that Diaz by Decision @ +850 isn't worth a small flier factoring in the following:


Yes, McGregor has done well against midgets, but this is the first time he has ever fought a larger man at the UFC level. While Diaz isn't super-duper elite, the skill set he does bring (long boxing, cardio and mad durability) could absolutely pose problems for Connors unorthodox style. The sweet science is at its absolute best when it goes against an unscientific opponent.


McGregor wants absolutely nothing to do with Diaz on the floor.

"McGregor Has More Takedowns" @ -260 is probably a huge bargain.


I don't know if what he's done at 145 translates to being effective against someone like Diaz at 170. I think the UFC Braintrust set this up as a squash match, but it might wind up being like Northcutt/Barberena or Rousey/Holm where the golden child who, to that point had faced mostly inferior competition, eats shit when, for the first time, can't bully out wins because it finally ran into the real thing.


Noted: no money on this fight, who knows, maybe he goes out and lands a magical punch and slepts Diaz.


I do have Silva straight against Taleb. I don't know how to approach Miller vs Sanchez. The only thing that has me favoring Sanchez is that Sanchez's losses are a murderers ****ing row at 45 and 55 (Lamas, Jury and Melendez FFS, plus his win over Pearson was really a loss, but Pearson is a tough dude). Contrast this against Miller failing to get it done against the likes of Dairush and Chiesa- both tough guys but nowhere near the likes of what Diego was losing to- their respective records may be not be a good judge.

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Conor eats him up standing, imo. I don't think Diaz has the power to stave off Conor, and is will have trouble with the speed and punching power of Conor.


Outside chance of bjj sub from Diaz.


He's a tough dude though and nobody can doubt he has good stand-up game, so it's possible it plays out differently. I just think it's unlikely.

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Size matters.

Connor is not a particularly large man but at a long'ish 5'9, he was huge at 45. That (y) factor is totally gone at 170.

Diaz throws weak punches but he controls space pretty well and his willingness to tangle up makes for an interesting puzzle.


There's a reason why I'm not putting my money where my mouth is on this but it would not surprise me if Connor at 170 against a 6' man with a reach advantage looks quite different than he has to this point.

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Nate's height and reach are why I give that small chance of it playing out differently. But I'm looking at Conor being taller than RDA, Benson Henderson, Grey Maynard, and has a 3-4 inch reach advantage over them, Josh Thompson is probably less than an inch taller, and Conor has a 3 inch reach advantage on him too.


I think Nate is too slow to manage Conor at a distance.


I'd love to be wrong and see a stand up fight that Nate dominates and finishes. Not because I dislike Conor, but because I like being wrong and surprised. Exciting shit.


And I'm not disagreeing with you really anyway - we haven't seen the mick against a taller, longer opponent in the UFC. Could definitely be a "well, we've revealed that" moment. I just have a hard time seeing it in this fight because of the speed difference.

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From what I understand there is the base rate salary, then there are the show/win or just show money which can vary greatly, then finally, for some, points on the PPV windfall.

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Glad to see Tate bag this. Totally deserved.

This does kinda throw Rousey's loss against Holm into question a wee bit (ie, was it basically Matt Serra fluking GSP?) but she totally deserves this. What would be hilarious is if she successfully defends against Rousey.


Connor never fights above 155 again and I'd honestly be surprised if he takes much at 155. It was irrational to think he translated to that size. "Ronda Rousey could beat TJ Dillishaw" type delusional hubris. Of course, he's in quite the shit-pickle since that weight cut is absolutely not a sustainable practice but here we see what he looks like when not fighting dwarves. Maybe he settles into being a Top 10'er at 55.




Yet another notch for 'size totally matters'.

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Upcoming Fight Night is decent.


Hunt/Mir which is an excellent fight.


Neil Magny/Hector Lombard (will bet on this fight)


The return of Te Huna vs Steve Bosse, which is actually a pretty cool fight.


Undefeated UFC Johnny Case vs young new guy Matthews who has looked pretty good.


Sadly the Ross Pearson fight is on Fightpass. Jouban on the undercard. \


Decent free one.

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I like McGregor/Diaz running it back.


I like Jones/Cormier, particularly how genuinely they dislike each other. I mean, the whole p4p beast who's been training harder than ever before is a good angle too, but I really like the actual disdain between the two.


Also there's a nice David v Goliath thing going on. Jones is a freak of nature, so the underdog factor is real.

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The problem with a McGregor/Diaz rematch is what happens to McGregor's hype-train of Diaz beats him again?

That would be a catastrophic derailment in the minds of the fanboys.

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