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Having a wife with fake tits is for winners, and complaining about fake tits is for losers.

my thoughts on fake tits: if i can touch 'em, they're real.

I gotta tell ya, that SuitedEssay21 guy is right about a lot of things.

I really hope LeBron wins his third ring in awesome fashion. Literally and figuratively. Want to see him drop a triple double in game seven while wearing a pair of Red Octobers and a custom Rick Owens jersey or something.


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Watched SNL with James Franco and Nicki Minaj.


I think she has a really cute face and a great set of tits, but when she was red tight pants, that big ass looked misshapen. I didn't like it. And I like a big ass.


That's my unpopular opinion


Then her 2nd son she wore a g-string and a lace body outfit and it looked pretty good. Now I'm confused. I still think it's too big for her body. Tits and face look great though. A beej would be nice.

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I like the sheer audacity of her fake ass. I like the fake ass, in general, as a hilarious concept, and I think that her's is the pinnacle of that hilarity.


Well, actually, the pinnacle of that hilarity was that south florida tranny doing bootleg butt implants with fix-a-flat. But you know what I'm saying.


I"m totes #TeamNikki, btw. She's everything Lil Kim shoulda been and more.

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