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I Called In Sick Today

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How are you always lurking in the shadows, BigD? That's impressive.




I'm not always in the shadows. I just check the website once or twice a day. Which pretty much means, I check this thread once or twice a day. I just don't always comment because most of it is about Austin's boring life and not something interesting like Shake.

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and after 3 days, he is risen!

If you are paying $20 for a haircut, I imagine people assume you did it yourself anyway.

Pocket change cost me my first and only black girlfriend.   It was in the middle of a roaring poker boom and I was flush in ways most men don't even bother dreaming of. Money, it was like dirt to me

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Strat, I just what I think is a really cool thing with excel that I want to tell you about but I'm worried you'll just be like "uh, there's an excel feature that does that" because there probably is.


But I'm going to tell you anyways.


Basically, I have a dump from all our branches showing all active accounts. And this creates a pivot table of all new accounts and then from that pivot table I formulla'ed out a report that populates by every branch and then the # of new accounts by type, how many of those were new customers, the avg age of those new customers, and the avg balance and total balances by account type and then it subtotals each branch and I set the conditional formatting to make it very clear where each new branch summary starts. And then every month it will automatically reconfigure itself all without any blank spaces between each section so it's only ever as long as it needs to be.


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That sounds pretty neat. I bet it was a bitch to figure all of that out. I doubt I could do it easily.


My annual review is coming up in a month or so, meaning I am about as irritated with my comp as I will ever be throughout a given cycle. I also had a pretty demoralizing experience 2-3 weeks ago with this upcoming incentive deal, where I was originally in the "haves" group, then got returned to the "have nots" due to the way it played out. So basically, I am in a pretty hard line mindset right now, and am fantasizing about job searching in places like LA, should my bump be anything less than anticipated.

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I know, I'm ashamed.


You all may recall my concern about the less than stellar health insurance here. Well, I was looking over the benefits section and they have a second option they didn't inform me about that's $60 more a month ($180 vs $120) but it actually covers prescriptions and has a lower overall deductible but it's still considered a HDHP that's HSA eligible. So by paying $60 more a month it'll save me literal thousands a year. Plus, barring some emergency, I won't come close to using my full HSA balance every year so that might actually be useful as a retirement savings vehicle. This has made my day, to say the least.

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That's amazing napa I'm so happy



My house and land are still there. House deteriorating but getting cleaner every month. Throwing stuff away steadily. Still not decided on when and where to move to in the big city but I guess I gotta figure it out at some point.



And Ron I felt weird commenting on those things I'm tagged in. I'm not familiar with facebook etiquette.



Wedding is on Friday at THE BEACH. sweet hotel room booked too. Costs about as much as a damn house so it better be good.

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You guessed it, they were trying to steal from my kin. It was an asset purchase instead of stock purchase and an installment sale. And there was no language concerning a missed payment, no penalties, no collateral, no liability. Thing was a joke.

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I'm pretty pumped for this new arcade fire album


It's funny, I haven't done any job searching at all in the last year, but I am now seeing LinkedIn YouTube ads with interviewing tips. I wonder if that is some kind of a judgment call based on my work experience--any time someone's profile hits 3.5 years' experience, start planting the idea to job search?

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We have our JDs review stuff like that for clients all the time. People really seem appreciative, but I am guessing it ends up like your cousin more often than not (follow original plan of action anyway).


for my day job, i review estate plans and note changes that need to be made for the trust to function properly, and people thank me and they say this is great and that they'll call their attorney the next day and that they'll have me come with them when they make the changes and so on and so forth. and almost every time i have to badger them with calls and emails and letters to get them to actually do it. it's the second most frustrating part of the my job.

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