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royal's seinfeld trivia extravaganza

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The correct answer is fitted hat day.Jerry's first request was for fitted hat day, much to the dismay of George who was subsequently put in charge of getting hats to fit more than 50,000 people...

What was Jerry's first demand when he called in a bomb threat to the New York Yankees at George's request?
call the ticket holders in the even of a rainout
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Perfect:After the 8th president Martin Van Buren, of course...

What was the sign, that when given, the Van Buren boys knew they were dealing with one of their own?
eight fingers being held up because he was the 8th president of the US
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Nope.. Well kinda.. You got part of it correct.The correct answer is Pizza bagel and a Three Musketeers."It's $37.50 for a Three Musketeers," says Jerry.

What gifts did Kramer offer his customers for taking the "Reality Bus Tour"?
mini 3 musketeers bar
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Jerry and Elaine once see George's father walking with a man in a cape. Who is this man in the cape?
Larry David
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