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  1. Agree with everything everyone said about last night. I did notice that Sophie either wanted nothing to do with the rest of the group after they announced her win or she was just stunned out of her panties. She had that deer in the headlights look.And are they going to keep bringing back two prior contestants each year? I look at the list and nobody really sticks out. The 4-5 people that they can keep brining back, they do (Rob, Coach, Russell, Ozzy). Who are they planning on bringing back? JRB? Johnny Fairplay? Rupert? Colby? JImmy Johnson? Go wiki the list of contestants. I'm sur
  2. At this point I think that Sophie and/or Albert are going to look to blindside Coach sooner rather than later. Question is can they get Rick or Edna on board. Obviously Brandon is many, many croutons short of a salad and nobody is going to make much of an effort to play a strategic game with him. And then the issue becomes whether or not coach sniffs out a blindside and plays his idol. He seems pretty clever this season so I expect him to use it soon.I'm curious about what's left in the season. I think the last episode had a tribal on day 30. Coach, Edna, Sophie, Billy Bob, Albert and th
  3. My thoughts about last night are that Cochrane was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. Other than Christine (think thats her name) he didn't have anything close to an ally on his tribe. They all openly hated him, mocked him and made fun of him. I disagree with the earlier statement in the thread about Jim being an ally of his. Jim can't stand the guy. So Cocharne was 6/6 in his own tribe and he wasn't even close to 5. He would have never been able to create any kind of alliance to blindside anyone. Persona non grata in that tribe. So his option was to flip. Now he becomes 7/7.
  4. I thought the most idiotic part of the evening was when Probst (who I like very much) asked Mike if being in Iraq was comparable to being on Survivor. Really, are you freaking serious? I was so happy that Mike said what he said about Marine service being life and death defense of the country and Survivor being a stupid game where a bunch of wanna be actors lie around in shorts and bikinis and try to outwit one another (paraphrasing, but that's the essence of what he said). Thanks for your service Mike and thanks for saying what you said.Couple of other thoughts:I agree wholeheartedly with
  5. Well from your posting history you know a hell of a lot more about the show and stragegy than I do. Should be an interesting show Sunday. I guess the evil part of me somehow hope that Matt wins the final redemption thing, gets back in the game and then immediately gets blindsided again.
  6. I'm curious about Rob's strategy in booting Grant and not Natalie. 4 left. Rob obviously is controlling Phillip. Rob thinks he is controlling Natalie, but it appears Natalie and Ashly are going to come out of the closet on the reunion show. And assuming 1 player comes back from Redemption, be it Mike, Matt, Grant or Andrea, aren't all four of them going to align with the two chicks and try to get Rob? I understand that Rob has the idol and will probably use it from 5 to 4. But what happens if he doesn't win immunity from 4 to 3, don't they boot his ass off? If he keeps Grant around don'
  7. Fantastic episode. I hope the Globetrotters were watching last night when Kent went all mock ghetto while standing around in the kitchen during the gnome making road block. I then hope that when they cross the finish line one of them walks over to Kent and kicks him square in whatever is left of his nutsack. I have never really cared who wins or loses these things. I actually surprised myself when I found myself being openly vocal when they got the penalty. When he started blaming her for the failure to read the "walk, don't take a cab to the pit stop" instructions I was hoping she too wo
  8. I liked your post Dubey. Couple of comments:I'm not so sure that the Cowboys ate all the cheese and finished the task. I think that sometimes there are production liberties taken that we the viewers never see. I'm guessing that in that spot they were so far behind the producers simply sent them on their way. I doubt they do this in the couple of non-elimination weeks, but otherwise, I bet they do this often, especially when a team is so far behind that it becomes a moot point.I don't mind Vyxen. I think she's a pretty tough gal. She is dumber than a box of rocks, especially when it comes
  9. It seems to me that the one person who might have the ability to organize the Rob revolt is Grant. I don't think any of the girls left are savvy enough. I would also think that based on what we have seen this season, that should Grant try and organize a Rob revolt, one of the ding-a-lings will run to Rob, finger twirling in her her and giggle "Grant wants to kick you off, I just thought I should tell you, because you are my friend and I love you and you are my alliance and you are so cute and I love your hat tee hee hee."The person they need to get rid of first from a strategic standpoint (a
  10. Did they kick the gal off because she acknowledged she hid Philips pants? Or was she the plan all along? Not sure I wouldn't have kicked Farrmer Ted off just because he might be a bit of a bigger threat in challanges. Keeping Steve around was obviously a sound move for Rob. I'm sure Rob will make every effort to rile Phillip up next week and keep him and Steve yapping away at each other.And is it just me or is it insane that they haven't turned on Rob yet? I know he had immunity last night. But sometime soon don't they have to try? Of course he will figure it out and play his immunity i
  11. I noticed for the first time this season last night that when they throw Phillip's name up on the screen and describe him as a former federal agent that there was a tiny little question mark next to the word agent. I don't know if they have been doing that all along, but I pointed it out to my wife, we froze the frame and sure enough it was there. I thought that was pretty funny.I will say that although the guy is a mental case he seems to be doing all of the things necessary to assure himself that he will be invited back to another game later on. Love him or hate him, and obviously most t
  12. Some comments about this season...............I don't think the tatto couple has a chance to win as stupidity will catch up with them in the end. I like the Chinese Dad/Son team but I'm guessing a physical task will be their undoing. I haven't noticed Mallory's flaws as others pointed out but I'll now be aware of them. As is almost always the case, I'm guessing one of the younger couples will come thru in the end. I was actually surprised the young couple got smart and used that express pass thing last night. I figured they would crash and burn with it in their pockets.And one thing that
  13. I have watched just about every season of Survivor and I'm not sure there has ever been a contestant that tilts me as much as Coach. His phony, meditating, college soccer coach schtick is beyond stupid. The guy is horrible at most challenges. He shot the basketball last night like an 8 yr old girl. And if he flipping cries one more time while deciding who to vote off I'm going to punch a hole in my TV. Now that I'm done with that, I agree with someone above about how Parvarti is playing this game. She has latched onto Russell perfectly and is playing him perfectly.
  14. GL the rest of the way sir.I'd love to know if justin let it be known what he had.
  15. This tour has an event coming to St. Louis in a couple of weeks. Has anyone ever played in one of these things? The schedule shows a bunch of sattys before a 1600 buck main event. Any info would be appreciated.
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