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  1. I know someone who almost drowned from this scenario. Two weeks later he was at it again and she crapped his forehead, and he just thought she was squirting again.
  2. I have a Twitter account? Sweet.
  3. Make out with Cindy this weekend?
  4. "I'm a Packer fan cause my dad......."Read the thread.
  5. Story? Blog? Check the Indy police blotter for your name?
  6. Sorry. I just pop in and out on occasion. Didn't see this.
  7. Gotcha. Thanks. I've only played once since the new laws, and it was at a smaller casino. Played #1/2 NL, only had a few hours, so was pressing more than I should have cause I wanted to play and wanted the action. Ended up about $45.
  8. Nice. I need to check into those down this way. How's the general play?
  9. At least you were smart enough to use spell check on this post.
  10. Do we even have to go back to your Week 6 "Titans in First in AFC South" posts? Or do you wanna make a bet on Tony Romo's Fantasy stats for next year?
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