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  1. It was so obvious it's not even funny. Can you say 2 All your guesses were high numbers. A few of you guesses low, but none guessed No. 2
  2. Due to technical difficulties, we had to stop the number guessing game, but I can tell you all that some of you were very close to getting the number, but unfortunatly none of you did get it. If you want to know what the number was, let me know.
  3. Try one answer this time.
  4. Come on folks. Unless we at least 50-60 replies in this thread, we will have to lock it up and cancel things.
  5. Stupid is, stupid does. I think the others that enter this will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep those guesses coming. It's worth while $
  6. Sorry, only 1 guess per person. Your answer automatically disqualifies you from this event. :icon_clap:This message is meant for acutary.
  7. I'm thinking of a color. What color am I thinking of?YES this ties into the other question about Guessing the number. The answer will be posted at 8:00 PST.Post your answer now...
  8. I can tell you that those that do not try and guess are going to be very dissappointed. One hint <FREE ROLL>.
  9. You guys are doing great so far. Keep those guesses coming. I can tell you that some of you are very close!
  10. The answer will be posted at 8:00 PST, so stay tuned and keep those guesses coming. It's well worth guessing, I promise!
  11. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100. Guess the number and then tell me why you think I picked that number.
  12. Hey Daniel,If 25k is peanuts to you, do ya mind sending over 1 of those peanuts this way to a hungry guy?
  13. Sammy did had trip 5's. Better go watch again. They are in Cahoots I'm telling ya'. There's something rotten in Denmark!
  14. I was watching High Stakes Poker last night when I saw something that still has me questioning something. I saw Sammy Farha Flop trip 5's and on the same hand Freedy Deeb has pocket 9's in his hand. Sammy checked the board with his 3 5's and Deeb bet the flop for 17k. Now this hand came right after Farha had one some giant hands from Daniel N. and some of the others at the table, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why Sammy not only didn't call with his trip 5's, but why he mucked the hand without even going to the river? The board showed no flush possibilities at the time and the cha
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