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reminder: forum challenge

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After having a good showing last night, i wake up to find out a high school buddy i used to play with back then is 2nd in chips after day 1 of the 2500 NLHE event at the WSOP. woot. good job owen.

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And just as i promised during The challenge, the arrival of Zhang Ziyi to replace Mr Juanda.
Most overrated asian actress ever.
Lol. right what a douche bag comment to make.How do you figure that?For one you could never understand the delivery of her lines, as they lady speaks very little english and has never used it in a film anyways.... Two, even if she is not the "the greatest" Actress in delivery of lines, do you honestly think thats what they have her in a film in the first place??How many Actresses do you know who have her Gymnastic and martial arts Calibre?You are an absolute clown.
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