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  1. That article said nothing of substance. I am not advocating not paying your taxes, but I know from a banking side, the IRS is not informed of anything going on. The only taxes I pay are those from reported by my employer and casino W-2Gs. Then again, the other winnings are miniscule anyway and it would cost the IRS more money to audit me than what I probably owe. http://www.irs.gov/compliance/enforcement/...=112228,00.htmlThe IRS is a division of the Department of Treasury and the CTR's and SAR's are actually stored within an IRS department. All divisions of the Department of Treasury have
  2. In the US, you pay tax on all types of income. There are a few specific types of income that are considered nontaxable, but bonuses wouldn't be one of them.I would say that since the bonus income is ultimately derived from gamlbing, you would consider the bonus income as gambling income for tax purposes.
  3. Etiquette, generally is given to anyone. When someone acts like a snot nosed fucking punk, you get treated like one and there is no reason to extend any futher etiquette to them. On the internet, it may be the norm to act like a SNFP. The Clown started poor etiquette thing when he sat out when Daniel was down to 8K, Daniel returned Proper etiquette by pulling out when he chooses. If The Clown would have extended etiquette to DN, I'm sure there would be some discussion on when the matches would end. Bad etiquette, definately not. Proper Etiquette=Yes.
  4. Ok, just a quick question, If Sansone is so good, why didn't you guys book a flight out to Vegas when Daniel was offering the heads up challenges for 100K-500K??
  5. Book your boy a flight to Vegas, I'm sure that Daniel would be more than willing to entertain him heads up in Vegas. Neverwin had the offer and never showed. If your boy hasn't got what it takes to play him in person, I'm sure Daniel will get around to playing him online. What's the difference if it's now or a week from now, does it really matter?Daniel posts his cash game results here. It doesn't prove that he beats the big game, but he isn't getting tortured in it either. If you want, I'm sure Daniel would give you a sticky to post your results in the big game.http://fullcontactpoker.co
  6. I have played pool for many years and I know exactly where Daniel is coming from. I used to play a lot, work on my game, try to become better. There were players that I wouldn't play just because I didn't care for their demeanor, others I'd play, knowing that in the long run I'd lose money, but would "pay for the experience". I don't know how many times, I'd hear from one of the duchbags "You play Jerome with that spot and he's better than me", my reply was simple, "I don't mind losing money to Jerome"I've also hung around many of the pro's, watched them gamble. Some had class and would co
  7. Most people that are new, are going to post in the first available forum. If you really want to fix it, move the FCP Poker Room to the top of the list and the General Forum, down, so that the list would be , . .FCP Poker RoomWPT BellagioGeneral ForumDaniel's Blogetc.
  8. The Bonus does not expire. You have as long as it takes to clear.The bonus is still crap, just a different shade with roses planted around it. For people that play 5/10 and above it's competitive, but for the ones that don't, It is one of the worse sign up bonuses that I've seen around the web. There is no difference in clearing the bonus between people that are Charter Members and those that aren't. When poker stars offer reload bonuses, I have to play roughly 800 hands to get $120, so three reloads, I play 2400 hands and they give me $360. On Absolute, I play 2400 hands and they give me
  9. I've been here for a while and haven't posted much, but have read as many forum posts as much as 90% of the other people in the community. I've read all of Daniels blogs and his posts as well as a good majority of the general forum and some of the strategy information. I haven't posted much, because as far as poker intelligence, I'm not that advanced. It would be kind of like a first year medical student giving diagnosis to patients when there are doctors that have been practicing for years around to give a diagnosis. However, I have participated in conversations that I am more than qualif
  10. Someone doing the maintenance or upgrading at poker stars ****ed up the software. Not a major screw up, but a screw up nonetheless. The software prematurely sent out packets of information that included the flop cards, when poker pal received this information, it didn't know how to handle it. It was never designed to handle that information. Consequently, when it received the unexpected information, poker pal started displaying goofyinformation, like the bet of 1766 and the raise to 200. They have stated several times that it would be almost impossible for someone to hack their software a
  11. All states are different, but most states handle it like Michigan does.Say you're a Texas Resident and you win money at a Michigan Casino. By law, you are supposed to pay taxes on the money you win in Michigan. Now say that a Michigan Resident heads to one of the boats in Illinois and wins 10,000. He would pay tax on his winnings to the State of Illinois and when he filed his Michigan return, he would receive a credit for the tax that he paid to the State of Illinois. Now, say that that same inidividual won 10,000 in the State of Nevada. Nevada doesn't have a State Income Tax, so they wou
  12. I obviously don't know much about your situation, but even if you fail the physical presence test (the days test that you were referring to), it sounds like you would meet the exception of having a tax residence outside the US that is your main residence and would still be able to file a nonresident tax form only on your US income.If this is keeping you from attending certain events in the US, I would consult your US accountant and get Internal Revenue Service Publication 519 - U.S. Tax guide for aliens.
  13. for play money at pokerroom.com, that game confuses the hell out of meI was going to try chinese poker, but I need idiot proofing. All I could see was Hold 'em, Omaha, 7 stud, 5 card draw, private tables.
  14. Harry,Save this thread, when you start drafting your autobiography, you'll have 25% of it already completed. :-) Thanks for the read.
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