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The Happy Birthday Thread

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Tiburon41, Matmunk, KingBubba69, Everlast11


John F. Kennedy Jr. and Cris Carter




hammrtime, Irish-4-Ever, SavagePenguin, mrdevil2u


Robert Goulet and Charles Schultz

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My friend Frankie is a life long Angeleno, and used to be a delightful, fun filled drunk.hes also a very good blues guitarist, and has played all over town.   Anyway, one day Frankie is on one side

An old friend of mine works on South Park. Trey knows how to be rich, one day he was having lunch in Marina del Rey looking at the ocean. He points to a boat and says, "Hey that's awesome I want that.

Incubus77546, JasonBo, Jennings7


Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee




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Jon Stewart and Chamillionaire

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Jodie Foster


The 80s really were a different time, yes?




AROUND THE NATION; Jodie Foster Charged In Cocaine Case




Published: December 29, 1983


BOSTON, Dec. 28— The actress Jodie Foster was charged by the state police today with possessing a small amount of cocaine at Logan International Airport last week, a spokesman for the District Attorney said.

Notice of the misdemeanor complaint was sent to the actress in California, said David Rodman, a spokesman for Newman Flanagan, the Suffolk County District Attorney.

Customs officials stopped Miss Foster at the airport Dec. 19 and found her carrying a small amount of a white substance. They said she admitted the substance was cocaine and paid a $100 fine.

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just shut this thread down, if you're not going to be committed. It was a great piece of art, but now it's trash.


I knew he couldn't make it five years!

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