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The Happy Birthday Thread

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wish ANYONE a happy birthday here.


happy birthday looshle, evesixer, acerounder, pokerkid555, and dr_karl.


also birthday shout outs to gandhi and lorraine bracco.


make it count kids.



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Top Posters In This Topic

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hbkwmxii, DowntownDan, Goembi, dablues, AmScray, acesmojo, frautotenkinder (omg frau happy b'day!!)   Denzel Washington and Woodrow Wilson

RoseyG, alf13, SoCooLBob, xzanos, TDBuddah, I-fold08, gunnarsson, TheRealDeal_08, rcgs59, Sea.Bass.JR, rcqs59, Misti Blue.   rofl they have the same b'day?!   Meg Ryan and Calvin Klein

Batch (64, whoa, gettin up there bud), tuckermitchell, chrozzo, cfinnn, and Fat_Canuck.


Also, Dennis Eckersley (one of my fave pitchers) and Gwen Stefani. Happy Birfday!

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Happy Birthday biggpokerfan, SliickWilly, pokerqueen07 (yaaaa buddy), and AriGold7.


Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson.

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Exact opposite today, lots of bdays. Kestral123, xfactor1911, ButTheyWereSuited.com, orngecrush ( omg what a stud), Indigo, sleepy2night, dangostow.


Shouts to Brett Favre and Mario Lopez.

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happy birthday shynepo3, king_nothing, cyrus101st, Boners_Galore (ahahah), Giacinto, casingam.


shout to Ralph Lauren and former NBA center Dwayne Schintzius (love saying that name).

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