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The Happy Birthday Thread

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RoseyG, alf13, SoCooLBob, xzanos, TDBuddah, I-fold08, gunnarsson, TheRealDeal_08, rcgs59, Sea.Bass.JR, rcqs59, Misti Blue.   rofl they have the same b'day?!   Meg Ryan and Calvin Klein

I stand with Bynes, btw. Part of it is that I masturbated to her before I really understood porn existed, but more than that, I feel like if I'm going to modernize the premise of being a Winner, I'm g

Scotty2Hotty, 2bthebest, CBass1724, Wingman008, ImmyFlow, NoShowJones, erikakazan, dubiousdrift, PatO'Brien, auromole, Drewy86, GetMyShades, LemonniyJoe, RomanianShark


Frederick Douglass and Simon Pegg

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hey thx frau


londonpokergirl, antistuff, jmkiser, davey72, alanstats, Borneman97, LeighWdWTravel, lukeboo19, Noble McNally, PokerMiz, PezPoisson, OMGFluffdog, EvanCM57 (soooo many dumb names today)


Jessica Biel and Herschel Walker

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