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So I drunk ran good (drunk part is not necessary anymore as if I run good, I am drunk normally) and want to spread some love.Tourney: $8.80 TURBO $16K Guaranteed (Starts in like five hours)Rules: 50/50 NSBLooking for 5 or so horses. If I get that or more apps, will do no less than 5 peeps. Not sure how many more though, so post anyways. I am at work, so shipping will probably be around 7 or so. To be applicable, post PS name, city, and the ever popular picture of a hot chick.GLGLGLPoniesGoCryWolferoccoarrgUncleHootkolman36se7enth_bokJONYJUICEThePhoenix88Bertifulkeith053

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Ill run for you if you still need runners JONYJUICE(Thornhill) on stars.
Not gonna happen without a picture.Headed home now...will ship to people when I get there
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GoCryWolfe (Indianapolis)
roccoarrg (Canton)
UncleHoot (Saint Johns)
Kolman36 (Beloit)
http://www.plundergirls.com/jennifer-nicole-lee/ cant get pic up but its worth checking this out some of the hottest girls in the world bar none.http://www.plundergirls.com/
Shipped GLGLGL
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