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  1. and I'm out... Thanks for the stakehttp://www.holdemmanager.netNL Holdem $60(BB) Poker Stars Game#48581053147Locoooo ($1,834)Fla80 ($808)Gammon39 ($3,686)iwanttoholdu ($2,587)redskins3311 ($3,455)peanut111 ($2,090)MWaterman11 ($1,915)roccoarrg ($1,655)lentinho ($4,010)Locoooo posts (SB) $30Fla80 posts (BB) $60Dealt to roccoarrg Kc Ks fold, fold, fold, peanut111 raises to $120fold, roccoarrg raises to $420fold, fold, fold, peanut111 raises to $1,860roccoarrg calls $1,235 (AI)FLOP ($3,400) 7c 6c 3s TURN ($3,400) 7c 6c 3s Th RIVER ($3,400) 7c 6c 3s Th Ts roccoarrg shows Kc Ks (Pre
  2. I'll play. sn: roccoarrgcity: canton
  3. http://www.holdemmanager.netNL Holdem $200(BB) Poker Stars Game#35764977124dabane.NY ($9,270)roccoarrg ($2,525)A.B.Sauf ($12,215)Jason/destin ($3,000)turbo300 ($2,900)reddevel104 ($9,945)reddevel104 antes $25dabane.NY antes $25roccoarrg antes $25A.B.Sauf antes $25Jason/destin antes $25turbo300 antes $25dabane.NY posts (SB) $100roccoarrg posts (BB) $200Dealt to roccoarrg Ah Jh fold, Jason/destin calls $200fold, reddevel104 calls $200dabane.NY calls $100roccoarrg raises to $2,500 (AI)fold, reddevel104 raises to $9,920 (AI)fold, FLOP ($5,550) 9s 8d 9h TURN ($5,550) 9s 8d 9h 8h RIVER ($5,
  4. Just got it, and it looks like that tourney already started :(edit: sent 1.10 back, and reg'd in a 2.20 turbo #213973314
  5. I'll take one. roccoarrg, Canton
  6. Busted 38th. KJ>KQ. Thanks for the stake.
  7. 4715 at first break. Only played one big hand where I flopped a set.
  8. I'll play. roccoarrg, Canton.
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