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Ep 4 had two really excellent exchanges (approximated herein).Phil: The mother isn't blindside, the black tight end is.Alex: Offensive line.Phil: OK, African-American tight end.--Phil: Permission to approach...Claire: He's not a judge.David Cross: I'll allow it.

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If only there was a resource you could use in order to find said line.
okay didn't realize you could watch the whole episode on abc.comAfter cameron kisses the girl he tells her "you will find someone because you are an amazing girl katie cause you are the whole package, I just prefer someone who has one"
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http://tv.yahoo.com/news/toddlers-cuss-wor...-024407751.htmlOK so this anti-profanity group wants to take down ABC and Modern Family because of this new episode where profanity is NOT even used? That makes a whole lot of sense. Some people need better hobbies.
That guy is a f$&king idiot who needs to let go of his moms nipple.
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