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can't you go five minutes without putting black people down?

Jeff Stotts ‏@RotowireATC Hear me out. Mavs sign Seth Curry, Jason Thompson, & Gerald Green. Then roll out a lineup of Curry, Thompson, Green, Barnes, & Bogut.

have to love JR Smith   J.R. Smith apparently drives a $450,000 armored truck around New York City now    

Guess there will be no manufactured argument about who's taking the last shot for the heat this year..


Skip Bayless already trolling Lebron on twitter for passing.......some things never change.

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That was pretty awesome.


So Rondo is I believe 11 games away from breaking Magic Johnson's record of consecutive games with 10 or more assists.


What are his chances?


He's already broken the record for consecutive games passing up at least 4 layups to pass for an 18 foot jump shot to try and get an assist

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Thoughts on Pops resting everybody last night ?


It isn't ideal but it is the coaches decision and the little dictator Stern needs to chill out especially since they have never punished a team for resting players in the past.

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Plus Adam Silver told them last year it was the team's decision. For Stern to punish them now would not only be stupid, it would just be wrong.


It sucks that we didn't get to see a game between two of the best teams in the league at full strength, but if the team thinks this gives them the best chance at winning a championship, they should have the right to do that.


As several people on my twitter timeline pointed out, what if Stern makes them play a player and then that player gets injured?


The only thing any penalty will do is make teams lie about why someone is sitting out. They can make up an injury or say he's being disciplined or whatever. It's not going to change anything.

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I think Pop has every right to do this.


I think it's ok that Stern make some sort of statement like "I may discuss this with the Spurs and their management". Because there were a lot of pissed off people on my facebook feed who paid a lot of money for last night's game. And it's nice for the commish to let the fans know that he hears their concerns. He also needs to let the TNT people know he is looking into it because they had to be pissed.


But promising sanctions is absurd and probably unenforceable and just makes him look bad. He could have and should have made a much more non-committal statement.


I will say that if Pop was planning on doing this since he saw the schedule (which he has stated is the case) then it would be nicer if he just announced it weeks ago. Then, the fans know the score and it's just him doing what's best for his team. I'm not saying he is obligated to do so or should be punished......but it would have been a nice thing to do.

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