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I expected to see Lacey, and I didn't remember until just now that she was on last season.
BTW, I saw your name tagged at the end of this thread and I was thinking I wouldn't want you saucing entrees in any kitchen I'm ordering from. Call it an associative distinction.
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i don't decide on pricing there, chef does
I'm sure you've said this multiple times, but I missed it...what is it that you do there? Just curious, it's interesting having an inside look.
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server mostly, worked the bar tonightwas suprised as most people about who the winner was, mostly because during the past couple days when they were here it seemed that kevin was holding pocket aces and he rest of them didn't have a hand, colour me suprisedtenille was very nice in person, as were they all, it was a super fun night tonight, looking forward to the days and weeks to come
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