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but I'm from Lincoln, so who the hell else am I going to root for. Essay is a hobo who roots for the best teams, and also likes like alabama and Notre Dame or some shit, so he is a scumbag, just for a

not for kentucky so far.

Naismith was a winner



"If you're keeping track at home, this is now a sixth player who would probably be the no. 1 pick last year or next year. SIX no. 1 picks. That's what we're talking about in college hoops this year."


He has the freshman power rankings currently at:


5. Aaron Gordon

4. Joel Embiid

3. Andrew Wiggins

2. Julius Randle

1. Jabari Parker

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I take it you don't know anything about college basketball.


Who is the perennial powerhouse, historically speaking, in that conference? Oklahoma? Baylor? C'mon son

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i have no idea what you're even trying to say. i clearly said the reason they hadn't beaten back to back top ten teams in 21 years because of lack of other powerhouse teams. you then said something about lack of success. which is insanity because kansas owns the conference and has for the last century.

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